Friday, September 21, 2018 7:27:23 PM
submitted by /u/3lirex [link] [comments]
Friday, September 21, 2018 3:31:11 PM
I loved him throughout the series and this Oct I'm taking a break from games and getting back into books so I'm hoping wheel might be on the reread list! (Although it would take me longer than a month LOL) I can be drawn back into something by the smallest quotes! I'm particularly interested in during the later books where he's gone a bit mad. (didn't want to say that in the title as spoilers) So what's your favorite rant has gone bat-shat crazy moments? Or other...
Friday, September 21, 2018 5:16:10 AM
Long time lurker and commenter, first time posting. I apologize if I did the spoiler tag wrong. Is it ever mentioned when Aes Sedai started wearing Great Serpent Rings? To clarify, when did the great serpent become a symbol for the Aes Sedai EDIT: Clarification submitted by /u/Kaladin_Aybara [link] [comments]
Thursday, September 20, 2018 11:00:29 PM
Did Rand make a mistake in not executing her rather than sentencing her to a farm? I know she ends up killing herself, but do you think there were any other consequences that resulted from his inability to sentence her to death? EDIT: Also, for reference all this stuff happens in Chapter 5. Love that scene! submitted by /u/anotherquery [link] [comments]
Thursday, September 20, 2018 10:52:12 PM
Some people wanted me to post this daily, but I didn't want to annoy all of the other members of the community. Do you think a weekly reminder is alright? Let me know what you think. Go to PBS to vote for Wheel of Time as the The Great American Read. If we can get it to rank highly by voting using every method, every day, it is more likely that Amazon Studios will recognize that Wheel of Time has a good fan base! Using...
Thursday, September 20, 2018 10:17:34 AM
I’m sure everyone here is aware of the general disdain for the series cover art, but I just have to say I love it. Is there anyone else that shares my opinion? I know it’s all pretty cheesy, can certainly come off as romantic novel cover art, and contains innacurate depictions, but I think I’ll always prefer it over the newer cover art style and anything else that may come. Just looking for some discussion about this, what do you filthy sheepherders think? submitted by ...
Thursday, September 20, 2018 7:04:28 AM
Hello! I love the Wheel of Time, but I'd started reading it after the series had already finished, and I stayed away from it best I could online. So, while the series was still in development, what were some of the popular theories or conceptions that either did not happen or were debunked? submitted by /u/BreachWarden [link] [comments]
Thursday, September 20, 2018 6:32:08 AM
Just a brief opinion post wondering about other people’s experiences. How long does it take you to make it through the series? Do you skip things during rereads? How many other books do you read to break up the series? submitted by /u/Noli420 [link] [comments]
Thursday, September 20, 2018 6:17:17 AM
This is my first reread and I’ve eaten up every word of the first 9 books but I just can’t stop skim reading COT, I’m at chapter 11 and I think I’m actually just going to skip the rest of this book. What chapters, if any, should I read properly? submitted by /u/aaronrizz [link] [comments]
Thursday, September 20, 2018 6:05:45 AM
Even though I love reading fantasy and every time I try reading something else, somehow I always get back to the genre. I always put this series away and I only own the first book due to everyone I know telling me it's LoTR knock off, it's boring and predictable ...etc. And honestly I am loving it, granted I never really read LoTR and only watched the movies but still, I don't see or feel the resemblance. And you know with any book you can imagine how a character looks, the...
Thursday, September 20, 2018 3:09:35 AM
Wow. What a book. First 2/3 was hard and took me longer. Last 3rd was lightning fast. Here is a collection of comments and questions I made along the way. There are many....would love to discuss any and all points below. B6 Elayne and Nynaeve seem to be holding too many secrets. Makes it easier to make a mistake balancing so much. interesting that the temp is rising. Advantage for Rand and his Aiel? Rand seems to be making a big mistake with Maizim T. He must be a dark friend and thus not...
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 10:07:48 PM
In chapter 49 of Lord of Chaos, Rand realizes there are 13 Aes Sedai in Caemlyn. He decides to Travel to Cairhien for safety. What would have happened if Rand stayed in Caemlyn instead of going to Carhien (where he ended up getting kidnapped anyways)? submitted by /u/anotherquery [link] [comments]
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 8:46:29 PM
My friends. I'm in my first read of the series. So, please, do not spoil me after book 9. I already got plenty of them. I got confused when Cadsuane and her "friends" reach the Palace at Far Madding and meet the Counsels near the ter'angreal that prevents channeling in and near the city. Verin announces that a man has just channeled. How could he do that? If the answer means a great spoiler. Please, don't. If it's just minor... Ok. I'm curious enough. ...
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 10:40:37 AM
After Rhuidean in TSR, we learn that the Tinkers and the Way of the Leaf are descendant of the Jenn (spelling?) Aiel. Is there any mention of Tinkers that resemble Aiel (tall, red hair, etc.)? Sure, they probably gathered people of other ethnicities over the years, so there would be a mix of different descriptions. But surely some of them were Aiel, so is there any evidence of the genes being passed down among the Tinkers as well? Can't we assume many of them are part Aiel, just from the...
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 8:39:32 AM
The whole deal with Rand’s revelation was sort of disappointing: “we are reborn so that we could love again”. He seems to completely forgo the fact that souls spend vast majority of their lives suffering from all sorts of pain. Rand using Padan Fain’s dagger and Choedan Kal to kill the Dark One and break the Wheel to give all humans real free will and freedom from endless reincarnations would be so much more awesome than all this. Damn, that’s a good rhyme: Slay the Dark One Break the Wheel...
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 6:50:18 AM
I read the whole series but haven't ever done a reread. I have an eight year old daughter who I think would love the books (at least the first few and last few) but I'm trying to remember if there are any parts that would be particularly inappropriate. I rememberer Graendals sexy shenanigans but if I recall correctly there is a lot of subtext as opposed to overt sexual situations. For context, we're reading the seventh son series now and she is enthralled. It's spawned some...
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 11:03:22 PM
In the prologue to Winter's Heart, we see the Chair of Remorse used to break a Darkfriend by showing her the various consequences of her actions. Isn't this very similar to what happened to Ingtar when the Portal Stone malfunctioned? submitted by /u/hic_erro [link] [comments]
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 6:52:51 PM I'm on my first reread of the series, reading the Finnish translations and couldn't quite figure what some of the covers represanted and got curious. Some of these even seem like they don't fit the series (like one with something that seems like an actual dragon in the top left corner, and another with some undead creature in it), and many that I can't connect to any scene in the book. Each book is split into two or three parts in the Finnish...
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 5:28:25 PM
Keeping this in mind I had hoped Asmodean would have been turned back. Really prove that point you know? That given enough time even one of the forsaken could be redeemed. submitted by /u/corpuscaIIosum [link] [comments]
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 5:01:18 PM
Sometimes I think we give the memories he was granted too much credit. Sure they're memories of battles but without the right kind of mind they wouldn't matter. Some people can play a thousand games of chess and never get any better. All the memories do is let him skip the messy mistake making stage, to make use of them properly is all him. submitted by /u/corpuscaIIosum [link] [comments]
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 2:37:27 PM
We always talk about our fav and best scenes, but what about the poorly written scenes, ones that felt out of place, unfaithful to the character. The scene I hated the most was when Thom tried to make a ballad during the Last Battle. It was too....lame. Just him mumbling about what word he should use to describe things. The scene would have been better if he actually composes and narrates a ballad rather than just mumbling words. Really hated that scene. submitted by /u/Rami-961 ...
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 10:13:39 AM
Don’t you think that his character was terribly handled near the end? I believe Sanderson himself once mentioned that he could do much better. We could have had a great Forsaken-hunting anti-hero, and we got a mindless “great devourer” type of filler villain. Your thoughts? P.S. I would love Mat to pick up the dagger, just in case somebody (e.g. Aes Sedai) decides to go after Seanchan after the war. submitted by /u/Neshua_Kadal [link] [comments]
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 8:52:49 AM
Thinking about the pipe at the end of the Wheel of Time, I think it was teasing something different, something that's actually been teased throughout the series. There is magic not linked to the Power. We see it from the earliest books, with the Wolfbrothers and the Sniffers: magic which has absolutely nothing to do with the One Power, and moreover, we're told it's both old and new. We know from Elias and the wolves that it's something very, very old, but we're also told...
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 6:24:19 AM
Many times I have avoided subreddits until I finished a book/tv/movie series before diving into the subreddit. Let me tell you, avoiding this one is an avid and constant torture. I’m just starting book 8 and I started reading the series in May, with one of the main driving forces is spoiler free access to this subreddit... Not a single person I know has read this series and I just wanna talk about the crazy and awesome happenings of Jordan’s world. 14 books is a lot of god damn books to read...
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 6:06:41 AM
I just got to start Book 5 so please do not spoil anything beyond Shadow Rising. So in the book The Dark One tainted saidin which causes men to go mad the more they use saidin. What I want to know is about the breaking of the world. When Dark One tainted saidin did all male Aes Sedai go mad instantly or was it progressive? It kind of seems like they all went crazy at once but that seems to contradict the slow exposure and madness angle. If that is answered later on then please ignore. Just got...