"The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, and Age yet to come, and Age long past, a wind rose..."

Thus begins the first chapter of every book of The Wheel of Time. The wind always rises and we're never quite sure where it's going to blow or who it will influence along the way. At The Great Hall, it is the wind of possibility that sets the stage for our roleplaying world. Centered upon the great city of Tar Valon, GH takes an unusual and quite unique approach -- very different from the typical Wheel of Time roleplay site. The wind blows, decisions are made, and the possibilities are limitless.

Ours is a world that might have been. Think of it as one of the infinite places, connected to all others only by the lines of "if", which closely mirrors the world of the books. But, it drastically differs in a few key areas and therein lies the intrigue. It is those differences that create fantastic opportunities for character and world creation. Our portal stone world allows GH to offer a new perspective on life as Aes Sedai, Warders, Asha'man, and all others whose threads are woven into the great Pattern.

Are you ready to enter our world?

Tarmon Gai'don is coming. Over three thousand years ago upheaval and chaos ended the Age of Legends when the Dragon and his Companions sealed both the Dark One at Shayol Ghul and the doom of that Age. Men who could channel went mad and broke the world beyond recognition. In the long years since, the remaining female Aes Sedai and their successors founded the White Tower as a radiant beacon of the Light and built the great city of Tar Valon to protect it. Long have the sisters of the seven Ajahs worked to keep the world safe, to protect it from wielders of saidin, and to guide the people towards the prophesied days of the Dragon's return and the Last Battle. Now, upheaval and chaos have returned and everything is changing.

Forty-five years ago an Andoran named Rolan Tetley appeared on the scene -- one of the dreaded men who can channel. Born in Caemlyn he is not the Dragon Reborn, yet his thread in the Pattern has changed the world forever. A ta'veren of great strength, Tetley escaped the Red Ajah and taught himself to wield saidin, perhaps more strongly than any man since the Breaking. The chance discovery of a pair of ter'angreal, once called access keys, laid control of the greatest male and female sa'angreal ever created, the Choedan Kal, at his feet. To the astonishment of the White Tower, Tetley captured the strongest Aes Sedai sister currently alive (a Red who was searching for him) and then forced her, though means many considered unethical, to aid him in his greatest ambition. Together they accomplished the impossible; they cleansed the taint from saidin.

Angry and skeptical of Tetley's claims, the Red Ajah doubled its efforts to capture him but was thwarted for two decades when he seemingly disappeared into thin air. In the upheaval following the kidnapping and Tetley's escape, the seated Amyrlin was deposed and half of the Hall of the Tower sent into exile. The new Amyrlin Seat, Eniara Kisharad, pardoned and exiled her predecessor, an unprecedented move that began her reputation as a deft politician. Eniara allowed the Red Ajah's hunt to continue until the truth of the cleansing became clear.

During the time Tetley was missing another surprise appeared in the Westlands. The descendants of Lothair Paendrag Mondwin and the armies he took across the ocean, the Seanchan, returned to claim the lands once ruled by Artur Hawkwing. They rapidly conquered Almoth Plain, Tarabon, Altara, and Amadicia before the nations of Tear, Illian, Murandy, Andor, Cairhien, Ghealdan, and Arad Doman united with the White Tower in a military alliance to fight back. By the time of the alliance the Children of the Light had already been destroyed defending and attempting to reclaim Amador. After four long years of war the invaders were soundly beaten and driven out of Altara, Amadicia, and Tarabon. A fortified stronghold built at Falme on Toman Head, however, was never overcome. In a final treaty the Seanchan retreated but were allowed to retain control of a part of Almoth Plain as a trade outpost. Relations between the Seanchan territory and the surrounding nations gradually improved and today Falme is a thriving port with regular sea trade between the Westlands and Seanchan.

When Rolan Tetley finally re-emerged leading of a small band of perfectly sane male channelers he called the Asha'man, the White Tower was forced to acknowledge that once again both men and women could use the One Power freely. Tetley and his Asha'man founded a Tower of their own, the Black Tower, on the site of an abandoned farm in Andor. The Red Ajah, still determined to carry out their mission since the Breaking, sent a force of sisters to the Black Tower and tried to drive the Asha'man away. It was a dismal failure; many lives were lost and the Red Ajah suffered a heavy blow.

Despite a shaky peace between the Towers the Amyrlin feared an attack from the Asha'man. She decided to send embassies to all nations in the Westlands to renew positive relations between them and the White Tower. All seemed to be going well until disaster struck the embassy to Saldaea. Sisters were murdered by fellow Aes Sedai on the return journey to Tar Valon and one of the murderers was captured. Dagille Wanchoy of the Red Ajah was returned to the White Tower, questioned, put on trial, and executed for her crimes. The information she provided under questioning led the Amyrlin to launch a massive investigation within the Tower to root out and destroy the Black Ajah. The investigation was sucessful and by its conclusion nine Black sisters were stilled and executed and nearly three dozen had fled Tar Valon to hide in exile. After two years of pursuit during which six more Blacks were captured and tried, the Amyrlin stopped the search and broke custom issuing immediate death warrants for the remaining fugitives. The Black Ajah was essentially, if not completely, destroyed. Already lessened in numbers after the Black Tower disaster, the Red Ajah suffered greatest during the Great Inquisition and for the first time since the founding of the White Tower was no longer the largest Ajah.

Fourteen years after the founding the Black Tower, Tetley, now called the M'Hael, sent one of his Lieutenants to approach the Amylin Seat about a formal treaty between the two Towers. The Emissary, one of the Gaidin, created a lot of tension among the Aes Sedai, not the least for being accused of spying. There was much dissention within the Hall over creating an alliance with the Asha'man. In the end the Amyrlin decided to accept the treaty and provisons were made for a Black Tower outpost on the west bank of the Erinin River, across from Tar Valon. Emissary Vincentais was named commander of the outpost and in the following years acceptance of the Black Tower has slowly grown among the Aes Sedai. Much has been learned of lost Talents and weaves though those Aes Sedai and Asha'man willing to study together. Upon relearning such marvels as Traveling and Skimming, the White Tower enacted a policy of restricted learning and use it primarily in only the global movement of official embassies and escorts.

It is now six years since the founding of the Black Tower Outpost. Eniara Kisharad has sat the Amyrlin Seat for forty years, the Black Tower has existed for twenty, the Asha'man rival the Aes Sedai for numbers, and the Seanchan have not relaunched any military offensives. In an effort to maintain numbers equalling the Asha'man the White Tower is sending out regular search parties of Aes Sedai in search of new female initiates. Not all is well, however. Civil war is looming in Cairhien, skirmishes and raids are frequently occuring along the Tear/Illian border driving those two nations closer to war, and the Blight is once again advancing with stronger Trolloc raids into the Borderlands than have been seen in many years. The future is uncertain but Tarmon Gai'don IS coming. When it does the entire world, including the two Towers, will have to unite. Will the fulfillment of prophecy soon come and the Dragon be reborn? The upheaval of the last forty years is proof enough for many that the end is rapidly approaching. Only time will tell what the wheel is going to weave.