The Intro to Weapons class was written and taught by Vincentais Gaidin.  It was compulsory for and restricted to Gaidin Trainee Initiates.

Lesson 1


Vincentais was early, even though he knew that his students wouldn’t come for probably another hour or so.  It was a little after dawn and he was on the Great Hall grounds in the field. There was still fresh dew on the ground and a little crisp in the air.  He loved the outdoors and these grounds reminded him of his wandering days in open fields that seemed to go on forever.

He unsheathed his blood-red sword, which is indestructible and one of a kind.  He started practicing his sword techniques - twirling, spinning, dodging, ducking, weaving, it was like a dance, but only him and his sword, no only him, but he was his sword, his sword was him. Not a drop of sweat came from his pores, despite the heat under his Gaidin garb. 

His keen red eyes, another uniqueness that he was born with caught motion towards his left.  They were the Gaidin Trainees, all assembling and milling around, watching him. He continued for another minute and stop abruptly. He was in the middle of his stance with his sword to his eyes and his wrists slightly above his head as if to stab the ground. 

He stood erect and noticed the Gaidin Trainees’ shock and surprise. He knew what they were looking at his eyes, deep red like his sword.  He stood taller than most there and was a lot stronger than any of them. He stood there assessing them… They were going to be some work… 

“Hello” He said in a deep voice that could crack a rock. “I will be your teacher and nothing more. This class you are taking…that you have to take is called “Intro to Weapons” I will be teaching you hand to hand, defense, and basic sword techniques.” He stood there staring at them letting them think upon his words. He sheathed his sword and nodded over to the servant had brought. The servant brought over a cinder block and two chairs. The servant place the cinder block between the two chairs and scurried away.  Vincentais went right into his fighter stance.  His right hand was facing up with the tips touching his left hands’ fingertips that were facing down in a sphere shape. “Watch carefully”, He concentrated and brought his right hand down in a slashing movement and hit the cinder block full force that shattered it, he barley even felt it all the while his left hand shot to his sword and tossed it out of its sheath straight into his right hand, which was now in a split second free and slashed back hand and severed the two chairs in to four pieces. 

He stood up and strode over to his Trainees and barked out an order “Everyone LINE UP! Straight single file facing me, your hands are weapons too just like a sword or a bow.  You will be taught in general how to use most of these weapons.  Now go to the shed over there ::Points to an old shed, which could fit three people comfortably:: and sign the notebook so I can have all of your names. He smirked, “Be careful what is inside, you might not come out. Only one at a time will go in and when he is done he will come out and say not a word to the others…ever.” [OoC: see note at bottom] “This is all we will do today I will see you next lesson… Be there” 

[OoC: Rp everything in the lesson as your character would have seen it from leaving your barracks to coming to the lesson, to coming out of the shed and leaving to go wherever else. Also Rp what is in the shed and make sure there is some verity, I don’t want to see the same thing because I will get bored. I am grading you on your Rp of everything. O yes and your character doesn’t know most of the stuff because he is new at the tower, you might have specific skills you are good at but not all of them. Make it good.  (I am watching you…)]

Lesson 2

(Hand to hand) 

As Vincentais walked onto the field of the White Tower he notice storm clouds in the distance, dark black, and dreary. He would need his cloak this day for the rain was predictable. A crash of thunder shook the ground somewhat but he thought it wouldn’t truly matter for this part of the training. He strode over to the shed and lifted up the book with the Trainees’ names in them…”Good, there are a few” and walked back out of the shed leaving it behind.           

As the Trainees walked onto the field and lined up he saw some still wore their swords they had brought to the Tower. He knew they wouldn’t need them yet. He spoke in a deep voice, “I’m glad to see all of you are still with us, you will not be needing your swords quite yet so place them on the ground so they can be picked up” He nodded over to one of the servants he brought.  The servant scurried through the Trainees picking up the weapons and placing them neatly in a sack. “If you have a problem with my actions please let me know after class… I just don’t want you all to stab yourselves in the foot.”

He turned away from them and headed a little farther out so they all could see him. “Today you will learn how to use your hands. You will probably not do what I did ::remembers the last class:: but it will be a start. I’m showing you how to use your hands as weapons, not telling you how to do it. You will all form your own styles of hand to hand combat as I have.” He unbuckled his scabbard and set it down on the ground next to him. “Sometimes you will not have a sword to defend or attack with.” He raised his hands in a to show that he was unarmed (that they could see). He flowed into the normal fighter’s stance, he thought it was sloppy and left one defenseless to his left side. He had his right arm raised slightly higher than his left, which was close to his chest but not touching it. His feet were spread out to keep his balance even when attack by a larger man, his left foot horizontal to his right, which was vertical…  The rain was beginning. He seized Saidin and made a small flow of Air around him that covered every part of his body, something like a coat.  Vincentais was worried that someone would find out but that would be impossible if he was careful. The Trainees would just think it was a trick by the Warders Cloak that was flapping silently behind him or some Aes Sedai trick that bewitched him.  He spoke “ This is the normal fighting stance that humans will automatically flow into at the first sign of a fight. This is a very good beginners stance. Everyone practice this and I will come and instruct you if you aren’t doing it sufficiently.” He flowed back to his normal step and picked up his scabbard from off the ground and wove a little thread of Air around it too. 

Vincentais walked around and there weren’t many mistakes. He instructed a young lad to not lead with his right foot as he had done if it was better with his left. They all looked very deeply into his dark scarlet eyes, he knew they had never seen a person like I before.  “Very good, all of you.” Now he walked over to the front of the group and put down his scabbard again, “ This time I want you to pear up and take your stances ” [OoC: See the note at the bottom.] “Now follow me.” He nodded over to another Gaidin that was watching and asked him if he would like to demonstrate with me. He said he would and we began… 

He led off first. The other Gaidin was fast, but not fast enough. Vincentais punched him in his left side. As he was doing this he brought his hand down and took a swipe at Vincentais’s head, but luckily the other Gaidin missed as Vincentais weaved behind him, but the other man took his elbow and smashed it into his opponent’s stomach. Vincentais gasped, but managed to wrap his hand around the Gaidin’s neck and head and said “If you want to incapacitate your enemy without hurting him, grab him as I did, with one arm on his throat and the other on his forehead or under his arm.” He released the other Gaidin, as he heard a gurgle him. “If I held on long enough he would have gone unconscious. Now if you wanted to kill him you would of abruptly twist your hands in the opposite directions of each other and snap his neck.” He watched that Trainees ate up his words. “Begin”           

Now the rain was poring now and thundering. The Trainees were having some difficulty but doing just fine, but sparring…fine. He walked by several of the partners and corrected them on their holds; “Bring your hand higher” “NO! Don’t snap his neck!!” After the Trainees were tired out at beating each other he decided that was enough for the day.           

 “That is enough class, good job. I will all see you next lesson and you will get your swords back when you are ready.” Vincentais walked away from them as they resided soaking wet, he left them dry and untouched by the water, nether him or his sword. H disappeared into the darkness, only his blood red sword could be seen glinting in the dimness. 

[OoC: Rp another character you are sparring against as I did with “Newbie Gaidin” and be sure it is somewhat realistic. I will grade you on the overall your Rping capabilities of the WHOLE lesson]

Lesson 3


It was a brilliant day, the total opposite of the last lesson. Vincentais thought that the storm at the last lesson must have rained itself out. Today was a perfect day for the longbow.           

“Hello, class “ he said as the Trainees filed up. “Today we will be working on the bow. If you have had any past experience you will find this somewhat easy.” He nodded over to the servant that always came to the lessons with him, and the servant handed out the bows. As the servant passed out the normal standard army issue bows, He bent down into his case and lifted out his bow.  Most of the men there had never seen a Two Rivers bow. On his travels of the world he had found this place called “The Two Rivers.”  Back in those days he was young and had never seen a bow that big in his life. When he had entered the village he was balled over by three young tikes. Three boys all about the same age playing together. Vincentais didn’t really know why he remembered that …he just did. Well when he stood back up he saw a couple of men in the field with huge longbows shooting at targets of hay.  He spent several months there and got to know most of the adults. They taught him how to use it and draw it. That was a while ago…letting his memories fade he went to the task at hand. 

“Class, this is a Two Rivers bow. This is the largest bow that I have found in my travels and most of you will not be able to use it.” He reached behind him and pulled out and arrow with red and black fletching. He notched the arrow on the bowstring that he had just waxed last night in preparation for this day. He pulled the bow string all the way back to his ear with ease, lined up the shot at the target set farther back, and loosed it… The arrow flew with deadly accuracy and hit the target just out of the center of the bull’s eye, but still in the red circle. He turned back to his class “Everyone, line up in front of your own target and only PRACTICE notching your arrow, that is putting the arrow on you bowstring, but do not release it. This is a very dangerous and you could poke someone’s eye out.” With that he turned and went to retrieve his arrow. 

 As he returned he saw they were doing pretty well so he decided to go on. “Now you will follow my commands… “Notch you first arrow, now lift the bow to eye level and aim carefully. Take note of the wind, it is flowing east and the targets are north. Aim just below the arrow because it will drift downward. Now every one aim and………FIRE!” and yes they did actually fire them… into the ground. Some hit the target while others bounced off the ground…Vincentais sighed to himself, “This will be a long day.” After he was sufficiently satisfied with there… technique… Vincentais had them retrieve their arrows. “Now everyone lets have a little contes You will be playing for this.” He held up a/an ________ [OoC: See note at bottom] and then placed it on the warm ground. “Whoever gets closest to the to the apple or through it wins this. He signaled to the servant and the servant set up the apple on a chair. “One turn each, and only one at a time” He put away his bow and arrows and let them begin. He had to admit that they did get considerable better and got very close to the apple. When the contest was over the winner came up to Vincentais. “”Good job! Here you go,” and handed him his prize. “ I will see you all next lesson.” With that he walked away to other things… 

(OoC: I think you guys now what I want to see… Rp everything in the class as your character would of seen it and Rp what Vincentais was going to give you if you won the contest, I don’t care if everyone one wins …that is fine]

Lesson 4

(Quarter Staff)

As Vincentais walk onto the field for yet another day of lesson he saw that some of the Trainees had come early. “That is always a good sign,” he thought to himself. His servant stumbled up behind him with two bags filled with poles, he had determined that today was a good day for Quarter Staff training. He lifted one of the bags of his servant’s shoulder and carried it under his left arm with no difficulty. When he reached his class and they had all settled down he began with this, “You all have done very good in this class, and I hope that you all will do better as we go along. Today we will work on the Quarter Staff, which is one of my favorite weapons.” He threw the staffs to the Trainees, and most of them caught it. 

“Now the staff has many uses, and that is why I like it so much. As an Aiel once told me: A sword is a sword, and only made for one thing: killing, and that is why we will not touch it, but all of the other weapons have other uses. The Aiel carried a verity of weapons, but never a sword.” Vincentais said in his usual manner “ With a Quarter Staff you can incapacitate your enemy by knocking him or her out. You can also kill the person with it, and it has other non-lethal uses such as a plain walking stick, or a fishing pole.” He took his staff in both hands and twirled it. The staff was just a blur, then suddenly he stopped and threw it at the ground several steps away. It quivered there for several moments “ You can even confuse your opponents.” He went to go retrieve his staff and came back in front of them, “Now take the same stance you did in the hand-to-hand combat lesson, and hold the staff with both hands.” He walked around and they all did it fine, “Now try stabbing at the air in front of you, thrust the staff with both hands one hand farther down the pole than the other.” After each person had done it several times he continued, “ Now, with the Quarter Staff most attacks and defense technique have you using both hands. Now everyone with the same hand position make a downward slash and then upward.” They did this several times with relative accuracy. “Lets try with defense. Now this is fairly easy, all you do is use the bunts of the rod to block the other person’s attacks that come from their own sides. You can also use the center of the pole to block over head swipes. Try this own your own right now.” 

“Now lets pair you each up and do some friendly sparing.” {See note} Vincentais paired them up in pairs of two. “Now everyone try to mix it up with different attacks and defense techniques. Attempt to form your own unique techniques.” He watched them spar in the warm day. Some took off the upper garb in the heat of the sparring. After about and hour he decided that was enough for today. “Good work class, that is all for today. I see you next lesson. You all may stay and practice more if you like.” 

[OoC: IF you guys don’t know already from previous lessons I want you to just make up another character for sparring needs (I.E. Vincentais strode up to Big foot…). Try to mix it up a bit, a reminder; I AM grading you on the whole lesson (I.E. From leaving your barracks to leaving the field after the lesson)  …………I’m watching you. Maoah hahahahah!]

Lesson 5

(Sword #1)

Vincentais was talking to his servant, who suggested that today would be the day for the trainees to have their swords back, but Vincentais knew otherwise. One thing was for sure: they still weren’t skilled enough to handle real steel yet, so he decide only the wooden practice swords would be used for the lesson today.           

When he reached the field all the students were there ready for the day’s lesson. He mused to himself, “Very good maybe they are almost ready…almost.” He said, “Today is the day you learn the sword. You will receive your own swords back at the next lesson and if you don’t have one, one will be assigned for the lesson.” as he walked up to them, he signaled to the servant to pass out the practice swords. 

After the swords were passed out he said “Now for the basics, hold your sword out in front of you with two hands pointing up to the sky and hold it there. Feel the weight of your sword; it is a part of you, an extension of your arm. As your arm moves so does it in a fluent motion. Picture you and your sword in battle slicing through another man, your sword piercing through his ribs, hearing the gurgle of his death. Using these sword techniques that I show you, you could kill a man with. Also remember that if you ‘live by the sword you will die by the sword’ only kill if you have to. Now to begin let’s start with simple slashes and stabs.” 

He drew his blood red sword that use to be his father’s and said as he held it to the middle section of were a man would be standing, “ Now every one try to do a mid-section slash.” He demonstrated by smoothly making the cutting motion. “Practice this for several moments.” He walked around correcting some of them. “All of you slash in a diagonal pattern.” He demonstrated having the sword slightly above his head and making a cutting motion downward in a diagonal line almost touching the ground. “Very good, you have just learned the greater part of the sword basics.” There were some astonished looks…He almost smiled.  “Yes, I see most of you are surprised. Like I have told you all in the beginning, most of the things that I teach you will only be the basics and that you will have to form your own techniques through experience.”           

“On to blocking these…” He stood there with his crimson sword pointing vertically touching the ground lightly. “This is one of the two ways to block a sword slash…the other way is the tip of the sword facing the sky.” More surprised faces…He watched them with his piercing red eyes. He motioned for one of the trainees to come over to him {See Note} 

{Rp your self walking up}   

“Take your stance I had taught you when we fought with our hands. Hold the sword up towards me and try to kill me with your wooden sword…Right now!” 

{Rp trying to slash Vincentais} 

The trainee hesitated only a moment and did try to slash him; But Vincentais brought his sword up with one hand (in the vertical block) and defended himself. There was a clang of steel meeting wood and his practice sword shattered. “Very good I didn’t expect you to slash so strongly” He handed him another sword, this time a regular blade of steel, “ Now try again only faster and at different spots on my body” As the trainee lifted up his sword to cut into him with a stab that he hadn’t taught him quite yet, Vincentais dodged to the left slightly still holding the blade in the vertical position facing downward he blocked it again. Next the trainee tried an attempt for the neck. This time Vincentais flick his wrist and twirled his sword facing up to the sky and block the trainee’s attack. “ Very good you may go back.” He said as he moved backward dodging another attack. “Now all of you practice this for a while in partners.”{See note again} He pointed to the trainee who still held the steel blade. “Bring me back the blade now and grab another practice sword.” 

He watched as they sparred with one another. It looked like their endurance was improving also. “ Very good” he called out after a long while of watching. “Practice these more, I will see you next lesson.” 

With that he walked away back to the Tower… 

{OoC: O.K. Here the deal I want you to all Rp the whole lesson and I want all of you to be that trainee that I call on to spar with. Also Rp another student you are sparing when you practice each other. Make them good}

Lesson 6

(Sword #2) 

Vincentais decided that this would be their last lesson before the final and now today they all were going to reclaim their swords. They were doing well, and if this class went well then they would advance to their finals at the next lesson. 

As Vincentais walked upon the field carrying a bag over his shoulder and the servant trailing behind slightly he took note of the trainees’ eagerness to start a new day of lessons. “ You have all done very well,” Vincentais said, “ and now we shall see if you all can handle your own swords.” He nodded to his servant to hand out the swords. As he waited he saw that some of the trainees did not own a blade. “Whoever does not have a blade, come up front and accept one from me.” He gestured toward the sack that he had laid at his feet.

After all the swords were in the trainees’ hands he continued, “Now today is one of the most dangerous weapons lesson I will teach you. You are all handling the life of yourself and your classmates in your hands. I will not tolerate any fooling around. Now everyone hold your sword as I had showed you in the first sword lesson…feel its weight in your and its balance.” With that Vincentais grasped his own sword hilt and shot it out of the scabbard, it whistling through the air almost seeming to cutting it. “Everyone spread out and try the basic attacks alone for a while. Feel the sword as you swing it.” Maybe he should have told them to spread out farther than what they were but this he guessed that it would be sufficient. They were doing well, still a little awkward, but very good indeed. 

He let them practice for about and hour, watching them get comfortable with their blades. The sun was higher up in the sky when he continued on with the lesson and getting a little hot also, but that never bothered him. “Now we shall learn more simple slashes. You have learned the horizontal and vertical slash; we shall try a simple stab now. Take your swords and point them all at me.” What a sight it was, that many swords all at once. He almost smiled. He stared at them with piercing red eyes… “Extend your arm out locking your elbow into place, and hold it there…” He waited several minutes and watched the trainees struggle. They needed to find their strength. 

“Alright you may all relax a bit” There was a sigh running through them as they drop their arms to their own sides. “It is hard to control your swords as you can see plainly see. All of you practice stabbing at the air in front of you.” After a short while he said to them “ Now to block this it is very simple, all you have to do is use the blocking technique I showed you last lesson. Hold your sword vertically pointing to the ground but this time I want you all to swing the blade across near your feet as if to swipe at something near the ground.” He watched as they all did this and made small comments to some of the trainees.

“None of these forms of slashing and blocking will help you much if you don’t know where to block or where to strike even with arrows or crossbows. You may all take a seat on the grass if you like.’’ He strode across the front lecturing, “There are several different places on a human body where they will certainly die with and arrow or a blade. One is here.” He pointed to his heart. “One hit to here and you are dead, and only the best healer from the Aes Sedai could Heal such a wound, but only if they get to you on time. Another place where you could kill a man is the throat. I don’t even think an Aes Sedai could Heal you then. If you slash a person across their stomach they will most likely die, but not as fast as the throat or the heart. Stabbing them in the stomach will work better than just a slash. One more place is the head… It is very risky because they might be just unconscious or dazed. Most enemies won’t let get close to their head for that kind of attack.” They all looked ill from this lecturing, but it had to be told. “ If you have any questions stand and ask me. 

{RP the question here} 

You all did very well this lesson, I will see you at the final. 

{OoC: If you don’t know what I want by now I will fail you.}    

Lesson 7 (Final)

**NOTICE: Unfortunately, at this time the original text file for Lesson 7 is missing.  If you happen to have a copy, please contact Eniara Sedai.**