The Channeling I class was written and taught by Soryn Sedai.  It was compulsory for and restricted to Accepted.

Lesson 1

Soryn almost ran down the hallway rounding the corner a mere few minutes before the first Accepted arrived for class. She had spent more time with Janile than she had planned and was running behind on her schedule. She usually like to arrive early to the room and make sure it was in perfect order way before the students appeared. Sliding through the door she let it slam behind her as she quickly ran her fingers through her hair, deftly placing the stray curls back in place before running her hands down her dress to help remove the small wrinkles that were there from sitting for over an hour listening to an aging Aes Sedai about what the reds used to be.

Turning, she took in the room. Everything seemed to be in okay order but she wished she could have more time. She opened herself to saidar and wove several strands of air together and brushed off all the tables as she walked to the window to throw it open. She sighed as the fresh air swept in the room, so relaxed was she that at that moment the first girl arrived and the noise of the door opening had her spinning on her heel and almost opening to saidar.

Soryn gave the women a smile and motioned to an empty desk. It only took a few minutes for the rest of the students to file in. Walking to the front of the classroom she sat up on the desk. “Good Afternoon, Accepted.” She gave them all a huge smile. “I am sure everyone of you knows who I am but I will still introduce myself. I am Soryn Sedai of the Red Ajah.” She let her legs swing slightly as she sat on the desk and talked.

“In this class you will all learn some useful weaves and some you will only be able to master with the help of an angreal.” She saw several of the faces light up at the mention of this. “I am sure some of you have used an angreal before, but most have not, we will cover more in its uses and safety when we reach that stage in the lessons.” She hopped off the desk and began to walk around the class.

“I want to start off the class by having everybody stand and tell who you are and what you are looking to get from this class, as well as what elements are the easiest for you to work with. You may also like to mention if there is any particular weave you want to learn and we can see what I can do. I am not promising to teach it, only to consider it.”

With that said she motioned for the girl closest to her to go first.

OOC: Everybody has to respond in order to move on to Lesson II. 

Lesson 2

Soryn looked up from the notes she was reading on her desk and was surprised to see the classroom full and twenty sets of eyes starring at her. Shaking herself a little she gave a smile. “I am sorry, I did not realize what time it was. We will be learning several weaves in today’s class and we will learn why we use them exactly. I feel it is very important for the person to know what they are using and the purpose it is used for, not just how to perform the weave.” Grabbing her notes she rose and walked around the front of the desk.

“For today’s lesson we will cover three weaves that all Aes Sedai will perform in their lifetime at one time or another, they are as follows: Linking, Shielding and Healing Fatigue. All three of these weaves use Spirit with a little water, and air in the last. I also suggest that all of you take good notes on today’s lesson. You may never know when I will quiz you on something that you will need to turn in your notes to me. Anyone who is caught not paying attention will be assigned to the kitchens for a week.” She saw several eyes grow rounder. It was one thing to work the kitchens when you were a novice, but by the time you reached Acceptedhood you move on to more important tasks than the kitchen, and if you were sent there it was a total humiliation.

Seeing that she drove her point home she continued. “With that said I do want us to have fun and learn more than you thought you could. The first subject we will cover linking. Take notes and after we will practice linking so you can get the feel of it.” She shuffled her papers. It was not that she needed them, but they gave her hands something to do as she spoke.

“I am all sure that you know that women channelers can link together to draw on more of the One Power than they would be able to as an individual or with the use of an angreal alone. Linking is very tiring for all the Aes Sedai that are in the circle and it can completely drain you if you are not careful. When Aes Sedai are linked you will also notice that the glow that surrounds them as individuals will merge together.”

“When you are linked you can feel the emotions of the others as if they were you own. Linking will make some girls seem funny the first time, and even though there is one leading the link everybody will be weary after words. The power of women when they are linked could easily stop a stampede of bulls. Once you are used to linking it can be done very quickly. Only the woman in charge of the link can break it. “

Walking back to the desk she set her papers down. “I want you all to come up here and stand in a circle. We will practice linking once and you will have more time to practice it later. As all the girls made it to the front she grasped the accepteds hands of the girls standing beside her on either side. “You will need to almost open to saidar, not all the way. You can start the rose exercise you all learned as novices and just as you start to feel the warmth hold yourself there. I will go around and slowly pull each of you into the circle.”

Soryn opened to saidar and let the warmth flood through her, she could then feel all the heat in the room, as most of it was coming from the girls, as they were nervous on trying this, but still open to it. She started with the girl on her right and pulled them in one by one. As the last one joined the circle she spoke. “Open your eyes and look around.” She wanted them to all see that the glow around them was the same.

She was almost tingling with that much power flowing through her and she found this a perfect time to give them a warning. “If a channeler tries to take in more than she can safely handle she can burn herself out or even kill herself. I have heard that the first is way worse than the latter.” She watched some of their faces pale at the comment. Soryn slowly passed the link to the girl on her right and smiled at the look on her face. “I want you to all feel what it is like quickly then we must move on to our next subject.” When the last girl passed it back to her she released them all from the circle. Several slumped visibly.

“Take you seats, and we will move on to Shielding. This I will only give you notes on this for now, and we will practice some on it at a later date.” She grabbed her notes and waited for them to all take their seats again. “A fully trained sister cannot be shielded by one person, and the stronger she is the more sisters it would take. When a person is shielded they can still feel the source, but are unable touch it. Now, cutting somebody off from a link is much more difficult than if they were not touching the source.”

She walked around the room to make sure they were all still awake and listening to her. “Once the weave is set it is fairly easy to maintain and you can even tie it off. This weave only requires the use of Spirit, and the more powerful you are in it the easier this weave will be for you. We will practice it another day. The next weave I will tell you about is Healing Fatigue. This is a very useful weave and will come in handy more than you could imagine on the road in your travels. I will show you this weave and then I will perform it all on you.” She saw several faces lift at this.

“Granted I will not remove all the fatigue from you or I would not be able to move myself. For when you heal someone you draw all their weariness into yourself. So be careful on how you use this weave.” She pointed to the accepted in the front row and opened to saidar. Placing her hands on the girl’s head she let a thin strand of Spirit run through the girl. “As you can see, I let it run throughout her whole body. I will then add small threads of air and water and pull it all back into myself.” She did this as she spoke.

As she finished with the last girl she sank into the closest seat. This was one of the times she wished she had a warder; the thought vanished as quick as it appeared. “You may all be dismissed, leave your notes on your desk. Get plenty of rest for tomorrow.” With that she let her eyes drift closed slightly.

OOC: You need to RP your resctions to the link and show me that you rook notes.

Lesson 3

Soryn was at the classroom bright and early the next morning. She had headed straight to the Yellow Quarters after class to have them help with all the fatigue she had pulled from the Accepteds in yesterday’s class and they had sent her to bed with a dinner request sent to the kitchens. She felt totally refreshed and excited to get going with the day’s lessons, the girls would be excited.

Placing the box she had brought with her on the desk she pulled a smaller one from the drawer in the desk and turned to greet the students. “Welcome to class, ladies. I hope you are all well rested.” She saw one girl yawn and smiled. “We will be using angreals for the weaves I am teaching today, and we will be heading out of the tower. Actually, we will be outside the tower for the next two lessons.” Several girls perked up at this. As an Accepted, they had more freedom than the Novices did but the were usually very busy with their studies and not able to enjoy it much.

“I will discuss the use and cautions of the angreal, but I will only cover the basics. If you need more in-depth detail we can talk after class. You will also be handed one that will be yours to use for the remainder of the lessons. It will stay with me, and you will only be able to use it in this class.” Grabbing her notes, she began.

“An angreal allows the channeler to use more of the one power than they normally would, and to also help them from burning themselves out. They were made in the time of the Age of Legends, or maybe even earlier. We are not totally sure on this. We are sure, however, that they improve you level of power and skill. Both men and women could use these in that age, and you can even tell who some were made for. The women’s’ usually were small figurines of women, though they come in all shapes and sizes. It is said that angrael have buffers in them so you can never draw enough to burn yourself out, but some are flawed. I would always use caution with them.”

Having finished the lecture part of the class she grabbed the box on the table and got an accepted to grab the smaller box. She reached in and placed random angraels into hands of the girls. All that she had chosen were a figurine of some sort. “The strings that you are getting are for you to tie the angreal around your neck. This will help you to not lose it.


When they reached the river she waited for them to all dismount their horses before speaking. “This is where we will learn the following weaves: Fog, Whirlpool and Waves. All of this will come in handy on the road if you need to use them for decoys or a distraction. I want you all to come stand in a semi-circle so you can all see me.” Once this was done she continued. “I want you to all open to saidar and slowly let the power flow from you though your angreal and back into you.” She performed it herself so they could watch and do it themselves.

Once they had all mastered this she moved closer to the water to show them the next weave. “The next weave you will learn to do is create a fog on top of the water. “For this weave you will use water, air and fire. You will pull of the natural elements of nature for the air and water and create the fire. Watch as I show you.” 

Soryn opened to saidar and fingered the small red woman figure in her hand. It was polished until it shone, and when the sun hit it would shimmer in the light. She did not need the angreal herself to perform the small weave she would do, but she wanted the girls to see the whole thing. Pulling a medium size thread of air and water she let the two merge together and intertwine so it was hard to tell where one began from the other. Then she added several small threads of fire to the weave and heated it up enough that a small patch of fog appeared on the surface of the water. Turning to the class she spoke.

“I have only created a small patch of fog. Do not make yours any bigger than mine. If I see it I will shield you. Since we are working with nature we have to be careful how much we do, or it will affect all of the land, not just what your eye can see. This could have disastrous effects. I will show you the other weaves, and then you will pair up and try each of the ones I have shown you today.”

Soryn walked down the river some until she came to a spot that branched off into a smaller lake. “The next weave I will show you is how to make a whirlpool. This is a weave that you may never use, but could be useful. This will only take water to do, and you have to be fairly strong or use an angreal to do it. What you do is weave water into the lake, letting the lake around your thread pull into itself. Watch as I show you.” Soryn again open to the one power and showed them how to exactly do the weave. Several girls gasped as she made a funnel in the lake.

“You will not try this weave today. I will show you the last weave and then we will practice.” The last weave I will show you today is how to make waves.” Soryn grabbed a stick from the ground and threw into the water. “You will use water and air for this. You begin by taking a small thread of water, and you then let this flow under the top of the water. Then you let small amount of air trickle into it to push it back and forth. Now the deeper you go and also the amount of the elements you use will determine the size of the waves. I only want to see you practicing with small strands of the elements.”

Soryn let her weave drop and then turned back to the class. “I want you to pair up and try out the fog and wave weaves. When you are done place your angreal in the box. When we are all done we will join under the tree. We will then practice the shielding weave I lectured on yesterday. We will then head back to the tower when you are all done. I will be walking around watching so call on me if you need help.” She watched as they split up and headed to their separate stations.

After helping several of the girls she headed to the huge tree and sat down under it to relax some as the girls enjoyed the sunshine. She let them relax for about an hour before having everybody mount up to head back. When they reached the stables they dismounted and she got ready to dismiss them. “We will all meet at the stables at nine tomorrow to head back out for our next lesson. Do not be late or you will miss the lesson. You may all go, make sure to get plenty of rest…you will need it.” She handed her reins over to the stable boy and headed into the tower.

OOC: I want to see you all describe your angreal and that you took notes. Also please rp trying out the weaves... the likelihood of you all doing it correctly the first time is very slim. 

Lesson 4

Soryn was at the stables early and had her notebook handy. As the girls arrived she wrote their names down, as she was sure she would not remember who was here and who was not on the morrow. When it was nine on the dot, she had them all mount up and head out. She lead them far out from the tower before she had them dismount in a huge empty field. There were a few trees, but they all looked like they had seen better days. Little did the Accepted’s know that this was from years and years of learning the lesson that they themselves would learn today. Soryn could even remember being her to be taught the same weaves when she was still in her banded dress. She fingered her serpent ring as fond memories flooded her mind. She gave herself a small shake and dismounted.

She carefully removed the box from the back of the horse and set it on the ground. “I want you all to come and get the same angreal you had yesterday. You will use it again for today.” As the girls came up and tied theirs on she continued with the lesson. “We will learn three more weaves today, they are: Illusion, Tremors and Lighting. Now, you may never actually use any of these weaves in your life but it can't hurt to know them. I want you all to have seat and keep your eyes on me.”

Soryn walked off from them a little ways and turned back to face them. “The first one I will show you is an Illusion weave. This is just one of many ways to do this and I am sure you will think of others as you progress in your skills and level of power. Watch and then I will then explain.” Opening to saidar she wove several threads of spirit together and then added small amounts of water and air to the weave. She seemed to grow before the Accepted’s eyes and several of the gasped. To them it seemed if she was over ten feet tall, when actually she had not grown at all. She let the weave dissipate and then spoke.

“You probably thought I grew in height when actually I only made it seem this way. This is called an illusion. You could make a chair and sit on it if you had that much skill, not many do anymore though. You will all be able to try this weave, but you will not get higher than six feet. The way you do it is mostly with spirit, and then you add in air and water as you need it. I have even seen some use earth, though you will only use water and air today. Is that clear?” She watched several heads nod. “Good, then we can move on.”

“The next two weaves could be used in battle and if you ever go to the Borderlands, I am pretty sure you will see it used. The first one I will show you is how to make tremors. This uses mostly earth, so you may not be able to do it if you can’t handle that element. Don’t worry, I will not count it against you, if you at the very least try.” She walked over to a flat sandy area of the field and began. “For the Tremor weave you will only need Earth. You take threads of earth and push them into the ground, then force them up. It will cause the ground to ripple. Watch as I show you.” Soryn pulled on the source through her angrael, wove medium size strands of earth, and pounded them into the ground, forcing it to come back up. The ground shook a little and the girls stood in awe. “You will be allowed to practice this weave, but the first person I see using anything bigger than a extra small thread will be in big trouble.”

“The last weave you will learn is how to make lightning from the sky. This is a weave that you will only watch me do, and not be permitted to practice at this time. You will all need to learn more control before attempting this one.” Soryn turned to face the open field and threw her head back a little, drawing on the source through the little red woman angreal she had. This weave took great concentration, and it always exhilarated her to do it.

Pulling a thread of water from the sky and a thread of earth from the ground she let them collide together in the air. At the same moment as they joined, she threw in thick threads of fire and air with a little of spirit in order to help bind the weave. The effect was a huge lighting bolt that followed her trail of water and earth to the ground. She had done this weave often was able to pull it together all seamlessly. It had taken years of perfection to do it. Turning back to the girls, she saw the look of astonishment on all their faces.

“I want you all to come over to the sandy area one at a time and show me how you make tremors. Remember if not the quantity, but the effort you put in that counts.” She motioned with her hand for a girl to come up. Soryn went through all the girls and after several hours they had all managed a small tremor. She was proud of them. “Turn in your angreals to me and let’s mount up to head back. I want to see you all in the classroom tomorrow for the final.”

She lead them back to the tower, and once they reached the inter courtyard she separated from them and headed out the gate to Tar Valon. She had an errand to run before her class tomorrow.

OOC: I want you to all rp your reactions to the weaves shown you and to try the tremor weave. 

Lesson 5 (Final)

Soryn entered the class after all the students had arrived. She clapped their hands to get their attention as she headed for her desk. Once there she opened her satchel and pulled out papers. “Good morning, I hope you are all well rested. Today is when you get to take your final for this class.” She smiled as she handed out the papers to the girls. “The first part of the final is for you to pair up and do the Healing Fatigue weave on each other. I will do the same to all the ones that go last at the end of the class. The second part of your final is to write a two hundred-word essay on the Addictivness of Saidar and list one person that trained at the tower that was burnt out. This can be from a Novice to the Amyrlin herself. You will be allowed to go to the library for this part and I expect the papers by the end of the day.”

Soryn walked to her desk and took a seat in the over sized chair. “Who would like to pair up and go first?” She pulled out her notebook to take notes and smiled at the first pair.

OOC: Do the weave and I will RP healing you. After I do this then you will post you paper on the Addictivness of the One Power. I will grade and give you your grade. You can totally make up the char for the essay part, as long as you make it believable and 200 words in length. If you have questions ask away.