The Basic HTML class was written and taught by Eniara Sedai.  It was an out-of-character elective open to any member.

Lesson 1

Welcome to my Basic HTML class. This class is quite different from the other classes in that it is OoC and done in lessons posted on an outside source. I have put a lot of work into this class and hope that you learn a lot and benefit from it. There are four lessons and one final. The first three lessons you will spend reading about the basic HTML tags. Lesson four gives you some practice in using these tags through an interactive tutorial. The final exam will be of the same format as lesson four, although no HTML will be provided, and your task is to create a HTML page completely on your own.

My postings on the message board will be short. I will explain the assignment for the lesson and give you the link(s) to where you will find the needed material. Some sort of checkup/homework will also be assigned to make sure you're reading the lessons. If you have any questions or want extra help with HTML, feel free to email me. Now, on to lesson #1...


Your assignment for today is to go to the below link, and read the intro, lesson on head tags and the lesson on body tags. There is an "onward" link at the bottom of each page until you get to the last page for today. Once you have read the assignment, please reply to this message with a very brief summary of what each of the tags do (by brief I mean 1 sentence, perhaps 2).


Lesson 2

This lesson deals with the background variable and font tag. Be sure to read the lesson completely and if you have questions, post them in your reply below or email me. After reading the lesson, once again briefly summarize the material covered. The link for today's lesson is...


Lesson 3

Time for lesson 3.  This time we will be taking a look at some more advanced tags...paragraph formatting, links, and images.  Once again, be sure to read the lessons and don't hesitate to ask questions.  The assignment is once again to do a brief summary (surprise, surprise).  This lesson's link is...


Lesson 4

For this lesson we will be doing something a little different.  All the material we will cover in this class has been covered.  Now, we practice!  This time you will go to a link as always, but instead of reading you will be trying your hand at writing some HTML.  The tutorial will walk you step by step through creating a page.  On each page, there will be a link to the relevant section of reading, in case you need some review.  Be sure to click the "onward" arrow when you've completed each page until you no longer have the arrow.  As a follow up to your practice, the homework to be posted below will be a paragraph on what you find most confusing about HTML and what you find easiest.  I also want you to mention one problem that you ran into in your practice.  Your link is...


Lesson 5 (Final)

Time for the final exam!  Now, you will be taking your new knowledge of HTML and creating your own simple webpage.  Sound like fun?  Go to the below link and read everything that is expected to be present in the page.  You will then code the page with HTML tags and test it to make sure it works.  When you are satisfied, be sure to copy and paste all of your HTML code into a text editor (Notepad works well) and save it.  Then email me the file.  Let me know if you DON'T want me to post your grade when I get them finished.  Ready to go?  On to the final...