The Advanced Weaves class was written and taught by Allriendrae Sedai.  It was compulsory for and restricted to Accepted.

Lesson 1

Allriendrae arrived half an hour early to the classroom. After laying out her notes on the desk, she drew back the blinds to allow sunshine flow in, and as almost an afterthought, cracked the windows to let fresh air in. She busied herself with tidying the room with flows of Air, and let her mind go over her lesson plan for the day. No matter how many times she had taught this class, Allriendrae was always a little nervous with each new batch of Accepted that came through.

Before too long the first students began to quietly fill the room. It always brightened her day to see students come in a few minutes early… it made her happy to know that the girls at the Tower still cared about their lessons, and truly wanted to apply themselves to their studies. After a suitable interval, she took role and wrote her name on the blackboard.

“Hello, Accepted! Although most of you know me, allow me to introduce myself. I am Allriendrae Sedai, the Keeper of the Chronicles. Even though working for the Amyrlin Seat herself tends to keep me quite occupied, I thoroughly enjoy teaching this course, and requested to remain the teacher. Today, we are going to refresh ourselves about the Five Powers. Take notes as you need to.”

Gathering up her notes, she began, “As we have all learned, women tend to be stronger in Water and Air, while men are stronger with Fire and Earth. Spirit tends to be neutral power, with both genders being equally able to use it. Because of this, the initiates of the Tower tend to think of Fire and Earth as the stronger of the Fire Powers. However, we must keep in mind that there is no fire that water cannot put out, and no rock that air can’t wear away. Though they may not appear to be immediately stronger, they are equally as strong IF a channeler knows how to use them. Later in this course, I will be teaching you some basic Earth and Fire weaves, but for now, let us work with Spirit.”

Allriendrae placed her notes back on her desk, and opened herself up to the One Power.
“The first thing I will teach you today is a protective weave. It is called a Spirit Barrier, as it is useful in protecting yourself from projectiles and other things.” As she spoke, Allriendrae weaved thick flows of Spirit over her head into a dome. “Now, this is a very practical weave. You can use it as an umbrella, if you so choose, but you can also use it as a shield.” As she said this, she shifted her weaves in front of her. “I need a volunteer… you, come here!” she said, pointed to a girl near the middle with her hand raised.” The girl walked to the front of the room. “Please try and punch me,” Allriendrae said, “Don’t worry... go on child.” The girl wound up, and punched with all her might, only to strike a hard nothingness in front of the Keeper. Allriendrae turned back to the class, “As you can see, it is very useful. You could even cocoon yourself in it, but then, you wouldn’t be able to breathe!” She released the barrier, and then Healed the obviously sore hand of the girl whom she had had punch at her. She smiled at the Accepted, but held her back from returning to her desk.

“Now, I will teach you another weave of importance, being how to sever another weave. Now, channel at me,” she directed the girl. Before whatever the Accepted was weaving could get anywhere near her, Allriendrae weaved a thick blade of Spirit and neatly cut it. She heard the whole class let out a slight gasp of disbelief as the flows of the Power snapped back into the girl, causing her to shake slightly. “You can go back to your seat now dear,” Allriendrae said, patting the girl on the back. “Now, pair up and practice!”


Firstly, role-play taking notes and your impression of the lesson… basically, a role-played summary of the lesson. Secondly, practice with someone else. Do not attempt to do anything drastic; just small and simple, or else there will be disciplinary consequences and dis-enrollment from the class.

Lesson 2

Most of the students were already waiting as Allriendrae entered the classroom. She waited until all were present, then announced, “Today’s lessons will take place outside. Follow me!”


After a little bit, Allriendrae had all the students sitting in a semi-circle around her on the ground. “Today,” she started, “we shall be studying Air and Water weaves. These weaves are practical as distractions in the event that you are unable to otherwise escape. I will start with demonstrating the Air weaves. Would anyone care to volunteer?” She selected a student, and started her explanation. “The first weave is called Gust. This is a relatively simple weave, in which you weave a wall of Air with supporting threads of Water to push someone out of your way.” As she explained this, she weaved several thick weaves of Air with some thinner weaves of Water and gently shoved the Accepted out of the way. “The second weave is pure Air, and is called Bind. All that you do is wrap someone up with thick strands of Air.” Once again, she demonstrated on her volunteer, but only binding hands and feet so not to suffocate her. “You want to make sure that they can’t move, but you don’t want to kill whoever you’re practicing with.” She released the Accepted, and shooed her back to the semi-circle. “Now, everyone pair up and practice! If you need help, I will be walking around checking on everyone’s progress, but I think that all of you should be able to handle it.

After and hour or so, Allriendrae clapped her hands and gathered the class back around her. “Very good, class. Now I will teach you some Water-based weaves. Firstly, we will make some very small rain clouds. I will demonstrate.” She weaved a sphere of Air with small threads of Spirit, and then filled in her globe with a weave of Water. A small cloud formed. She added a small weave of Fire underneath, and then turned to the class, “You can add a little Fire to it to speed up the process if you wish, but not much, or you’ll evaporate your cloud!” Sure enough, a few drops began to fall from her cloud, and she quickly released the Fire as it did. A few of the students smiled. “The next weave is called Douse. When you are teaching classes in the future, you might find this useful to wake up dozing students.” As she explained this, she wove another sphere of Air over one of her student’s heads, and filled it with a flow of Water to the point where the Air bubble burst, dropping a goodly quantity of water on her poor victim’s head. “This weave is also good in lieu of water-balloon fights! But be careful on who you use this weave on!” she admonished.
“For this you can practice alone, but don’t try and make large clouds! It is possible to disrupt natural weather patterns if you make them too big! As for the Dousing… well have fun!”

She smiled and let them practice for a while. There were squeals and giggles echoing all over the area. After an hour or so all the students sat down and enjoyed the sunshine. Allriendrae gathered them back around her, and announced, “Good job today ladies! Tomorrow we will be back in this classroom, so don’t be late!”


Role-play practicing the weaves with a partner (describe the weave as you do it, and RP preferably an NPC Accepted for the sake of speed))retell your reflections on the lesson. If any or all of you want to, role-play being my victim for the demonstrations!

Lesson 3

Allriendrae Sedai rolled out of bed to the sound of a thunderstorm building outside. She shook off the remainder of her slumber and got dressed. She spent several hours setting up her props for the day: candles all over the room, and a table with several teapots and cups. Students began to file in and murmur to themselves as she finished arranging everything just so for the lesson.

“Good morning, students. Today we will be learning Fire and Earth weaves. As these tend to be difficult for women, I have decided to focus on simple things that are useful, as with all of the classes to this point. First off, everyone go and take a handful of candles from the table.” Allriendrae waited until all the students were reseated, then spoke, “All of you will be practicing lighting these candles. It is a simple procedure, “ she demonstrated as she spoke, expertly weaving a minute thread of Fire around the wick of a candle, causing it to light. “Of course, this weave is more difficult to do from a distance, or with many candles.” Despite the point mentioned, she lit a stand of candles across the room with her, deftly handling several tiny flows of Fire. “I want you to all practice this weave. Start with one candle up close, then try one farther away. When you have that down, start doing more. See how many you can do close and far away. Don’t push yourselves too hard though!”

She gave them all time to practice, giving more demonstrations individually as needed. She could see some of the girls were having trouble with such tiny flows, or working at a distance, but these were things that would only improve with time and practice.

Clapping her hands together, she called the class back to attention. “Now, everyone go put the candles back, and grab yourselves a mug of the mint tea.” She noticed some of the students eyeing the cold mugs questioningly as they carried them back to their desks.
With a smile, Allriendrae said, “Yes, I know that the tea is cold. The next weave we will be doing is called Heat. It is very simple. All you do is weave a thread of Fire into the tea, and it will heat it up. For this, I request that you put the cup onto your desk. It is very easy to overheat it, and scald yourself… I will demonstrate what is an appropriately-sized thread to heat the tea adequately.” She weaved a cord-sized thread of Fire into the tea until the cup made a pinging noise from the rapid heating. She took a sip, and smiled. “Perfect temperature. Now, you try it! If it’s too hot, let it cool off. You can also use this weave to give someone a literal hotfoot, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Allriendrae walked around the room and watched the Accepted practice. Most got the idea very quickly, and as they did, the Keeper gave them sugar for their tea. Soon enough, everyone was contentedly sipping on warm tea.

“For the last part of today’s lesson, you will learn how to make weapons out of Earth, and the other Powers. These can also be called Elemental Blades,” As she spoke, a sword of rock formed in her hands. She heard gasps echo around the room as they gazed upon the wickedly sharp earthen blade. “Earth is best for making solid weapons out of the Power, but you can also do similar with the other Powers.” As she spoke, the blade was replaced with a glowing blade of ice. “For this one, I used Water and Air, but you can also use pure Fire.” Indeed, the ice was replaced with a shimmering red blade. “Practice making these blades, but don’t attempt to use them unless you have skill with weapons. As you will learn, it is far easier to defend and run than attack…. That is what the Gaidin are for,“ she said with a smile. “Regardless, you will all be oath bound to not attack except for in last defense of your life, or that of another sister.” With that said, she watched the girls practice making blades, experimenting as they went. After 20 minutes or so, she got their attention.

“Good work today girls. Tomorrow is probably the most interesting lesson, but make sure to get some rest regardless… you have all been working hard.”

She instructed them to clean up the room, and then went back to her chambers.


Role-play practicing the weaves (if partnering up, use an NPC Accepted in order to speed things up), and asking any questions that you need to. When practicing the elemental blades, try and think up other combinations of the Power. Don’t forget that as a woman channeler, you will have some difficulties with Earth and Fire.

Lesson 4

Allriendrae ignored the surprised looks she got from people in the halls as she floated a large sewing dummy towards her classroom. The weaves she was teaching today weren’t suitable to practice on each other, and her students were always a big concern to her. She set it up next to her desk, and sat down. She reviewed her notes until the classroom had finally filled up with students.

“Good morning, ladies. Today will be the last lesson before the finals tomorrow, so today we shall be learning Weaves that all Aes Sedai should know. These are bonding, shielding, stilling, and various wards. You will take turns practicing on the dummy to the side of my desk,” she gestured towards the mannequin. “I will demonstrate bonding, shielding, and stilling for now, and after you have all had a chance to practice, we will continue with the wards.”

Allriendrae opened herself to the One Power and demonstrated the bonding weave. “All that there is to this is laying a figure eight of Spirit between yourself and whoever you end up bonding. You repeat this figure eight a few times, and then release it. Next is the shielding. This also uses Spirit. You wrap it around your victim, cutting them off from the Source. It is extremely difficult to do to someone already holding the Power, and the effectiveness of it directly correlates to your strength in the One Power. As for Stilling, one uses a blade of Spirit, thereby severing their victim from the One Power forever.” Allriendrae demonstrated each weave in turn, watching interest turning to discomfort upon the demonstration of Stilling. “Each of you take a turn practicing on the dummy, and if you want to, you may practice Shielding on each other. Be very careful with these weaves!”

She turned them loose to practice as she walked around the classroom to observe their practice. Satisfied that none were trying anything foolish, she sat down at her desk. After all had taking their turn and returned to their desks, Allriendrae continued with the lesson.

“Next I will be teaching you two very important wards: a silence and alarm ward. You will find each of these important as you get older and more paranoid.” She smiled as the young girls permitted themselves small giggles before forcing themselves back into composure. “Once again, I need a volunteer.” She selected a girl, and beckoned her to the front of the room. “I will start with the Silence Ward.” Allriendrae weaved a dome of Spirit and Air around herself and her volunteer. She turned to the girl, and queried, “How are you liking this class?” “Very well, Allriendrae Sedai,” the girl replied with a small smile. “Good, good,” the elder women replied, “now, look around the room as we speak… they are unable to hear us.” The younger woman looked around and smiled as she looked upon the faces of her confused classmates. The Keeper nodded to her, and released the weave. “Very good child. Now, I need you for one more example. Stand where you are, and don’t move!”

Having said this, Allriendrae wove a dome similar to the Silence Ward, but this time with fine threads of Earth mixed in. She directed the girl to walk through the ward, and as she did a loud gong echoed through the room. “As you can see, it is an effective warning, and it is possible to rig it up with different sounds. I will let you figure that out on your own as you learn and practice more. For now, pair up and practice these last two weaves. When you are done, go back to your rooms and get some rest, as tomorrow is the final.”


Role-play practicing the weaves (use and NPC for practicing Shielding), and your impressions as you practice them. Once again, whoever wants to can role-play themselves as the volunteer.

Lesson 5 (Final)

Allriendrae Sedai ran down the halls, barely making it to the classroom before the first Accepted did. As soon as all were seated, she stood up. “Today is the last day, and you will be demonstrating what you have learned to the class. Each of you must present a unique weave of your own devising and teach it to the class. It can be adapted from what you have learned, but it must be practical and useful. You will explain how you devised it, and you will need to explain it very clearly. You have the next 10 hours to prepare. Afterwards, meet back in here and we will present.”

Allriendrae then left the room. She was looking forward to seeing what they would come up with


All right girls, this is the final! I want your post to be around a page in word long (12 sized of a regular font, like times... i will be checking this!). You need to include in your post researching, practicing, and of course, teaching and demonstrating to the class. Make sure to thoroughly describe how to do the weave, and how much of what elements you are using. It needs to be something that won’t be too terribly hard to use, either. Good luck!