Novices must complete each of the following before being raised to Accepted:

  • Design and complete a MoN-approved Community Contribution Project.
  • Complete and pass Introduction to Channeling (rp class).
  • Complete and pass The Seven Ajahs (rp class).
  • Write a Three Arches roleplay and have it approved by the Mistress of Novices.

How the novice raising system works:

To advance in rank within the White Tower, initiates must complete a series of steps. It is hoped that along the way initiates will both improve their roleplaying skills AND become integral parts of The Great Hall's general community. Differing from most other roleplays, more than just in-character activities are required for raising. Novices must earn the right to advance to Accepted, both though classes of a unique format as well as through outside contribution to the community.

Currently, there are no time restrictions on how long a novice must take to advance. However, the above listed requirements are a bare minimum for raising to Accepted and one of several things the Amyrlin will be assessing when approving requests for raising is overall community participation and contribution while a novice. This is especially important for those who are not heavy roleplayers and do not intend to pursue more roleplay than is required for advancement.

The two above listed classes are both conducted in roleplay format. Responses will be graded on a pass/fail basis and classes must be taken in listed order. The novice Community Contribution Project is a undertaking that is expected to take several days to several weeks to complete. Novices are allowed to brainstorm anything they'd like so long as it meets the approval of the Mistress of Novices. One highly suggested project is some sort of contribution to the WoTWiki, whether doing research and creating new pages or adding to already existing content. Novices may begin their CCP at any time they desire. The Three Arches roleplay is more of a writing exercise than a roleplay and is the largest female initiate writing requirement. It is essentially creating an experience for the novice of going through the test for Accepted as presented in the Wheel of Time books. The Three Arches roleplay may be written at any time but may not be posted for review and approval until all other novice requirements are complete.

For assistance or more information about the raising process and advancement expectations, contact the Mistress of Novices.