This is the original journal posted by GH's Amyrlin, Eniara Sedai, for the first sixteen months of the group's existence in 2001 and 2002.  Although written fifteen years ago, it gives a snapshot into the earliest days of The Great Hall.  Eniara was only eighteen at the time, and web communities were just taking off, hence the over-exuberance at the excitement of going to university...and administrating a web group.

Welcome to my journal! This is the place where I write down the latest news on GH and me IRL. I try to update this every week, but sometimes that doesn't happen. *g* I'm only human!

May 7, 2002
Ack! Okay, I really do suck at updating this file. Well, I guess I did better this time not going quite a month in between, lol. There's not too much happening in my personal life. Spring semester ended May 1st for me so I'm back home for the summer and will soon be job hunting. I'm still waiting on my grades but hopefully I'll still have at least a 3.2 GPA. I am now on a nasty dialup connection again so I won't be around nearly as much...certainly not the entire day until I return to school in the fall. I have gotten my plane tickets to go to Dragon*Con in Atlanta in August, so if any of you live in that area, let me know! *thinks* As for GH, we've got some major things going on. For starters, today I went through and did the deletions of inactive members. If I counted right there were 40 deletions...half the roster. I didn't like doing it but it needed to be done. For those who are still around or come back later, and want back on the list, I am keeping profiles on record until September. Mail me before then and you can get back on without having to submit an entirely new joinform and start from scratch. For everyone else, the RP is really picking up (FINALLY!) and we're getting closer to building the Asha'man Outpost. Now that I have more free time, I can focus on getting that RP really going. All of the classes (with the exception of a few GT) now have instructors and sessions are underway. We could have our first raisings in a very short time! Keep up the good work!! I want raisings, I want recruitment, I want growth! *mwahaha...cough* Okay, I'm done with that now. Anyway, updates are continuing...I added 20 new members yesterday and the MoG is going on a GTI recruiting binge. This is good. I hope to see more novices soon as well. Oh yay, the burgers are done so I must go and eat. I'm going to try to update this more often from now on...we'll see if that happens.

April 15, 2002
Well, yet again I have proven that I am the worst person for keeping up on a journal. It has certainly been awhile since my last update. On the personal front, I am only three weeks away from the ned of my first year at Michigan State...whoohoo! With final exams coming up, all my professors have seen fit to go on assignment frenzies and I've been completely swamped. This has kept me away from devoting very much time to GH which I regret. The first week of May, however, I'm off for the summer so I inted to get some serious updates done and RPs started around that time. As for what is currently happening and also in the works for GH, there are a few things to note. I have begun an official role call to see which members are active and which ones are not. Everyone has until I get home from school (the first week of May) to contact me at the special e-mail addresses I've set up if they want to avoid deletion. When I start doing major updates, those who haven't contacted me will be removed from the rosters and message board accounts. Their profiles will be moved to an archive until September, at which time I will be deleting them also and the character will be erased permanently. It is important that everyone check the message board for where to send in their info! The Asha'man RP is currently being set up as well. Once the preliminary "meeting with the Amyrlin" portion is done, then the meeting of the Hall will commence. The second stage of the RP will probably start when I'm done with school and caught up on everything else. That will also give me an opportunity to reassign roles if main characters are no longer with us. Once we get the Hall RP going plans will start to be made about the building of the camp IC. On a side note, our Green Ajah Head, Tahmelah, has gotten a promotion at another side that demands nearly all of her attention. Because of this she will be going on leave as soon as I can locate a replacement for her position. Many thanks to her for all of her hard work! Also, I have finally gotten my webcam working correctly again so for those of you who liked the Eni-cam, it's back up and running. I am happy to see several people showing up for our scheduled group chats! We need more to come, though, so drop by! I try to made as many as I can but often I'm caught in some project like many of you. The times are posted on the chat login page as well as the main GH welcome page (under reminders). I think that is about all I have to say today. More updates later when I remember to make them.

December 18, 2001
Bah! I did it again. :p Maybe I ought to just say I'll try to update this monthly from now on. Then at least when I forget to update it I don't have to kick myself so hard. *lol* Okies, on with the update. We are still getting a good inpouring of new members. This is awesome! I wrapped up the Fall Ball RP last night and am happy to call it a success. I actually had to stop the thread, not the thread just die. Let's keep it up! There are a couple more required classes on the way that are currently being written. I still need more teachers though! We need classes taught. With the newbies that keep arriving, we're soon going to be overrun if we don't get them raised. Contact me if you're willing to teach, please! Our admin changes have been completed and the new folks are adjusting to their new roles. Once again, a big congrats to Allriendrae (Keeper), Sarephina (Brown Head), Jamil (MoG), and Geldt (MoT). This week I'm home on Christmas Break so I'm getting done what GH updates I can. Today I got the last of the charts I was converting to txt files done, and I have added all the current newbies to the roster and maillist. There are still a few newbies that have corrections to make on their profiles, and then I'll get them up as well. I'm beginning to think we're gonna be overrun with secret Asha'man as well. Hrm...I may have to branch them off sometime next spring. We'll see. Oh! I almost forgot again. In 3 days GH will be one year old!! WHOO HOO! Everyone should give themselves a big pat on the back for making it such a wonderful year. I suppse I'll reflect on some things. In the course of the last year we have grown from one member (myself) to a roster of...*drumroll as I count*...71! Whoot! This is awesome. :D In the course of this past year, we have also moved from 100megsfree to Brinkster to our own host and domain. The site has had about 5 makeovers now (or more :p). I think I still have the files for the original look somewhere. *lol* It would be fun to go back and reflect on where GH started. I am seriously considering reworking the site again a bit in late January or so. We'll have to see where the membership stands and where the activity level is at. I'd like to break the "other" characters down into smaller groups with leaders but I'm not about to jump the gun. I'll just have to wait and see. Hrm, moving on. Next Thursday I'm off to London to spend 9 days with my bf (I mentioned this before) so I'm not going to be doing updates and stuff. Any other newbies will have to wait until I get back to school and get my first week of spring classes in. I will be checking my mail periodically while I'm overseas though, so anyone who needs help or has a question can still contact me that way and I'll get back with a response pretty quickly. Next semester is going to be a little bit crazy for me at first (I have a really wacky schedule) so I may be hard to track down on AIM and things at times. Most week evenings I'll be online, and my messengers will be booted even if I'm afk. Anyone can feel free to leave me a message. *thinks* I guess that's it for now. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Years! Next update will be in 2002. :D

November 17, 2001
Oh dear, I've let this get away from me again. Here I go promising to do better on my journal entries and I forget about it for two months. Bad me! An awful lot has happened in that time. I've got Thanksgiving next week and then two more weeks before finals. :P After that it's home for Christmas Break. Yay! My bf, GH's very own Hopper the Wolfkin, was here last weekend and I get to spend 9 days with him in London over New Years. I'm really looking forward to that. Not too much else in my personal life to report other than that I'm now working at the MSU Library and got promoted to Assn't Stacks Supervisor today. Whoot! This week is going well. :) On to the GH group news. Sadly, our Keeper, Sheen, has been swamped with her new college life and is resigning from her position. *hugs* Many thanks to her for her hard work since GH began. She will be staying on as a Brown Sister. Our current Brown Ajah Head, Allriendrae, will be moving up to be Keeper and Sarephina will be taking over the job of Head Brown. Congrats to those two girls! I've just completed some much needed updates to the roster and profiles this evening and have uploaded them. Welcome to all our new members. The GH roster now stands at about 65 people!! This is wonderful and I hope the newbies help to liven things up around here. The chat room has been updated and two days of group chat times have been set up. I feel like a dork because I've missed the last three times (once because I plumb forgot) and I'm the one who needs to be there. I'm certainly going to try harder to make it (ie: postit notes!). The chat room itself is now multi-roomed with some spiffy new features...check it out. GH also has new messageboards now (may ezboard die a slow and torturous popup death!) and they are quite spiffy. I just wish folks would post more and use them. The TRIAL RP is FINALLY over (it needed to die too) and so now we can move on to new and refreshing stuff. I'm glad that folks have jumped in to participate in the Fall Ball post and I'm hoping that more of the teachers get posting so that the newbies can take classes. I'm going to try and start a session of Borderlands soon. It seems that our Gaidin leadership has gone MiA. I have not had any contact with Joram or Ivar in quite a few months. This is not good. :P If they don't reappear we may have to find new leadership when qualified folks become available. Congrats also to Katiya and Alanna on their promotions to Accepted and Max on his promotion to GT. We've been averaging one new member a week so we are certainly growing adn I want to see some activity from folks! GH was created to be active and fun...not slow and boring. With a group as large as we have grown to, I as the Amyrlin can only do so much. Not to mention the fact that I've got school, work, and am VERY active at another site. GH is my love but I don't have limitless time to spend beating folks over the head to do stuff. *lol* Everyone be prepared for a big OoC shindig in December. The 21st of that month marks GH's one year anniversary and we need to celebrate! *puts on a party hat* Well, I guess that's about it for the moment. *yawns* It's 12:40 am and my brain is beginning to die. I'm going to try and post the next update sooner than two months from now! :p

September 15, 2001
Wow, mid Septemeber already. Where has the time gone? Looking at my entry, I can see that I've been very negligent on my journal...whoopsies. Let's see...what has happened in the last two months? Well, my birthday went by very quietly...but I was very pleased with the maillist party Sheenie threw me. *hugs* Thankies Sheen. I also have been moved in at Michigan State for almost 4 weeks. My classes are going very well and I'm enjoying having my very speedy net access. Plus, I got my computer from my aunt finally (YAY!) so I have that configured like I like and have been enjoying it immensly. On the GH scene, things over the summer here have been VERY slow (good grief...we're still on the TRIAL RP) but now that school is back in session and all, I'm going to be working hard at getting folks back into the swing of things. I guess we've got a good start going because in the last couple weeks we've gained four new GHers. I also have gotten our new message board up on the site and all RP is now going to be moving over to that. There's so much we can do if we just get busy and do it. I still have several pages for the site that need to be created, but they're on my "to do" list and will eventually get done. I still have a ton of ideas for how we can get GH all spiffied up...just haven't gotten to them yet. OH!, I also have added a search feature to the site so that you can surf GH and look up stuff that you can't find. :) That will be re-indexed once a month. Sarephina Sedai is now officially the Mistress of the GH Library, even though I haven't had much of anything for her to do yet. *lol* I'll get stuff set for her sometime soon. I'm taking over some heavier responsibilities at another site as well as my GH stuff, so that'll take some of my time...but I also think that it'll give me more ideas and tools to utilize. I'm going to be working heavily on the joint library and getting pages set...that'll be where Sari gets stuff to do. Sometimes I think I get too many ideas for what I can implement. *lol* School keeps me busy too, but not terribly so and I'm glad for the extra net time. What else to report? Not much on the GH scene I guess. We're all still reeling from the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington DC. I've seen a hundred different responses to what happened, and all are valid. Sarephina about scared me to death when I realized just how close she was to the NYC events. Thank the Lord she's okay. We all have been affected in some way by this, whether we live in the US or not. Planned attacks that kill thousands of people in one blow, in a non-war situation (and in wartime as well) always have great effects. I didn't have any relatives injured in either of the cities but it still makes you think and sympathise with the families of the victims. I know that I personally have spent a lot of time this week thinking about my loved ones and what I would do without them. About how I would feel were something like this to take their lives. It makes me shudder. To never have the chance to say goodbye. To never hug them or hear their voice again. And all because someone wanted to show off their ability to kill people. *shakes head sadly* This world is heading down a rough road that's only going to get rougher I'm afraid. Well, I guess this is it for this update. I'll try and keep this weekly yet again.

July 10, 2001
The middle of July already. Time seems to be flying by. I've finally gotten my tuckas in gear and updated the GH roster, so welcome to Kari and Amathea. There's not much to report on the GH stuff...with all the folks that are gone for the summer or at least part of it, we haven't done much. I'm finally starting to get some more time to work on stuff. Rest assured, I will be kicking the pace up on RPs again soon. Also, I will be teaching a session of my Borderlands class soon. I regret that so many folks have gone on leave, but I understand how hectic things can get and I hope some will return soon. I'm beginning to wonder what's up with our host. Our free month is long over and they still haven't contacted me about payment for the site. Hrm...I need to look into that. That's about all for now. I must go grab some rolling eyes in chat.

June 29, 2001's been almost a month since my last update. Guess I forgot with all my busy going-ons. In any case, we've kinda gone dormant this summer *lol*. I had a great vacation to Costa Rica, am working again, and just got home from orientation to MSU. Sheen is on leave until early August, and I just got word from Allriendrae that she should be back sometime around the 18th of July. Yay on that! We've gotten a couple new members, and I'm also finally beginning to work with Emillith Sedai of Dragonmount on the joint library project.

June 3, 2001
What a day! After spending four hours convincing my computer that, yes, the CDrom and 2nd hard drive are supposed to work, I get busy updating files and such. And on top of all that, my allergies are acting up today. Oh, well...can't have everything. At least I finally troubleshot my home computer and now I can get temporary leave is over! Whoo hoo! As far as GH, we have had a few folks go on leave...and there are two new members. Please welcome Tiili and Drea'ren. I've finally finished my homepage for the most part, so now I can focus on GH stuff again. I've got some links and bugs to fix and then I'm going to start creating those pages still missing. The TRIAL RP is back on, and we're moving toward the least we will as soon as Sheen stops getting her locations IC crossed. *g* We love ya Sheenies but ya need to read more carefully. I intend to get this RP wrapped up so we can move on. I already have another RP going in my mind for after the TRIAL. Oh, next Sunday I'm leaving for my trip to Costa Rica, so I'll be away for a week. I should be back around the 18th of June. Everyone can mail me with whatever and I'll get back to them as soon as I'm home. Allriendrae has left for bootcamp and I'm not sure when she'll be back, so for the moment consider her on leave. She'll contact me as soon as she gets a chance. Other than that, I can't think of much else. I'll stop here and go get some more nose meds.

May 17, 2001
Only one full day of school left for me...yay! Next Monday and Tuesday are half days of exams and then I'm off 'til Saturday the 26th when I graduate! Some of you heard about my adventures this last weekend. If not, you missed out. *g* Ask me about it sometime. We set Prom on fire and lost my grandparents in Kentucky. *shakes head and rolls eyes* What fun. Anyhoo, we found them again and they came up to our house so I got demoted to the sofa last night. I've gotten a banner made for GH and the new pages are up. We also now have a GH Gift Shop. That was rather nifty I thought. As soon as school gets out, my dad is enlisting me to create a website for him and at the same time I intend to start making pages for the GH section of the community library. I think this library deal is going to work out. It's a great idea in any case. Once it's up and going, Sarephina will assume the title of Mistress of the Library and will work on that project. Oh shoot...they're kicking me out of the lab. Gotta wrap this up.

May 1, 2001
Another new month has arrived. Just 26 days 'til I graduate and only 4 until my horrid Senior Project is due. It's crunch time to finish that now. We have made our move!!! *does a dance* We are now officially, and I have been having a great time hunting for new stuff to add. Our new chat is finally up and yes, the buttons show now. I am in the process of setting up a guestbook for GH as well since the old one died when we moved. Since we seem to have a hard time getting graphics in, I'm now hunting for a suitable background for a GH banner and once that is up, I'll be changing the backgrounds to a solid color, or perhaps our brick pattern again. This will be temporary I hope. BUT, I won't get to that until my project paper is completed and presented. This month there's so much to get done and I'm going to be one busy bee. Not only do I have this paper in my way, but I also have to write a speech for graduation, give a major presentation, and take final exams...eew. Hopefully next month I'll have a little more time to work on GH. But, then again, I'll be heading off to Costa Rica for a week on June 10 and almost as soon as I get back, I have orientation at MSU. *sigh* Oh, well...I'll get to stuff when I can. We've gotten a couple of new members but I can't remember who right now and I don't feel like looking 'em up...sorry guys. I also am rolling around the idea of bringing in a new character for myself...but that one will depend on a friend of mine and if he's up to joining GH. Anyhoo...I'm beginning to ramble (as always) and my stomach is rumbling for lunch.

April 18, 2001
Finally! The check went through and our domain has been hosted. I have set up our account with The Host Pros, and we're all set to move. I plan to begin uploading files tonight. Now it is very important that I get the graphics submissions and that we get some funds built up to pay for hosting. We're going to be stuck with plain white pages for the time being. The only sticky spot is that I can't upload files via FTP at school, so all my page changing has to be done at home and that is dependent upon whether or not I can borrow a laptop. Hrm...I'll work things out somehow. Also, everyone who has an account at GH Mail has a new addy. The link has been changed to So, for example, where the Keeper's addy was, it is now Be sure to inform your contacts of the change. I'm going to be completely deleted the old site. The Brinkster addy will remain up with a redirection link for the main page. The MoN page is staying right where it is. I am in the process of updating profiles, so if you haven't posted under "contacts" on the main MB forum, please do so. *sigh* I've got so much to do and so little time to get it done. I'm in the process of writing a major report for English, moving the site, teaching elsewhere, and whipping my colorguard into shape in time for the National Trout Festival at the end of the month. *g* It's a wonder I ever have time to do anything. That's all for now...gotta go do other stuff.

April 11, 2001
Almost halfway through April already. Times seems to fly so fast I can never keep up. *g* Looking at my earliest journal entries, I'm amused by how super-optimistic I was. As GH has grown I've learned just how much work an RPG can be and I think growth at a slower but steady pace would be much better than an explosion in members. STILL, no word on the domain. It's been at nearly two weeks since I sent in the check too. I'm beginning to wonder how long it will take to carry a letter from one part of the continental US to another. We have one new member since the last update: Alayssa. Welcome to her. The Trial RP is underway and as soon as the Sitters decide who gets to use the Chair of Remorse, *bg* we'll move on to the interrogation phase. *wicked grin* I however, get the final say. Right now, I'm engrossed in teaching myself JavaScript...yay! Hopefully, I'll be able to utilize it in making our site even better. I'm already getting ideas of what I can do with some nifty things. We still need a better turn out for classes. I noticed that the two being offered right now only have two or three students each. While the GT classes aren't ready just yet, the Gaidin can take the non-channeling electives (I'll be offering Borderlands soon) and the Sedai can take all electives. Remember, Sisters, these count for OP points! The next month or so I'll try to keep up as much as I can, but I'm also going to be doing a major writing project for my English class and that'll take quite a bit of my time...that is, when I quit procrastinating and get around to it. That's it for this entry.

April 5, 2001's been quite awhile since my last note. A lot has happened in that time. There is still no confirmation of our new domain. I finally received the bill but the check has not yet processed so I'm crossing my fingers it gets through soon. I'm itching to move. My page re-vamp project is coming along nicely and I'm nearly finished. Once the move is complete I'll be playing around with some nifty Javascript and DHTML features for spicing up the site. Still no graphics have been turned in. I really need these. At home I do not have the capabilities to create graphics myself and I don't really want to continue borrowing from elsewhere. Our own logo and graphics will also help us create our own identity. I am proud to note that our membership has grown to 40 people. This is wonderful! We got five new members in the last week alone. Welcome to Malados, Kaylen, Alanna, Katiya, and Raptor. Classes are underway but there isn't a great response yet. I intend to get the class listings updated, find permanent teachers, and begin my Borderlands class once the move is complete. We need to promote some novices and GTIs!! It is now the beginning of April and I have 7 weeks of school left. *g* The only downfall to graduating is that I'm not sure whether I'll have a laptop of my own when I leave. At this time, all of my net access is either at school or at home on a borrowed computer. Makes things difficult when I'm home and computerless. Hopefully, I'll have the problem resolved by the time May 26th rolls around. I'm saddened by the leaving of Evy Ricarrin and Ivy Mavelle... Evy I hope returns to GH but I have no clue what happened to Ivy and I would really like to know. It's bad enough losing the Red Ajah Head but the Blue too?! I trust that Soryn will do a wonderful job filling the Red position and I am expecting that Aeryn will take over for Ivy. I'd write more but I have other pressing business to attend to. Until next time...

March 13, 2001
Well...time for another update. Amazingly I found a way to get on-line at home (at least some of the time) and this past weekend I took full advantage of it. I also learned how to use IRC so that brightened things even more. I have ordered the domain for GH and am now waiting for the bill. As soon as I get it sent back in and it is registered I'll be talking to the host I want for GH and over spring break (the last week of March) I'm planning on re-vamping the GH pages to go on our new site. Yeah! However, I won't have very much net access over that week so I'll only be able to check my mail every two to three days and no chatting. Bummer...just when I get the chat stuff figured out too! I aslo intend to get conquer chat uploaded on GH as soon as we move so hopefully that will eliminate the login problems some members are having with the set up in existence now. Then once that's done I will be setting one or two scheduled group chats for GH. Things have been getting so busy and exciting lately that I hardly know what's happening next. It's a feeling I actually enjoy. The first class taught at GH is complete and I have posted grades. Congrats to all those who passed and I will be giving Evy an honorary passing grade because of her help to me. Well, that's all I can think of for now.

March 8, 2001
Ahhh...yet another entry. Today has most certainly not been my day. I'm about ready to kick the computers in my school library. Here's why: this week I have been writing a critique of "Don Quijote de la Macha" in Spanish for my Spanish class. So, last night I got the draft finished and in class today made corrections for the final copy. Then, just as I go to save before I print, the flippin' computer decides to freeze on me halfway through the save process. For ten minutes I fiddle, and prod, and do everything I can to get the computer to finish. Nothing happens. I finally have to shut off the computer and reboot it. Turns out that it hadn't autosaved and the file on my floppy was botched and useless. The whole dang paper was gone! So, now I have to redo it this weekend from scratch and I'm not happy 'bout it. Anyhoo...that's how my day has gone so far and now I'm done venting. On to GH. I have gotten a great response on the idea of hosting our site (I had expected that not many would be interested) and so with a little planning I may move ahead. Once I'm sure we have a consensus on the decision, I'll register the domain for a couple of years and then see about joining the host server. If we do this it will be the last move for a long while. With our own domain I would also be able to advertise our group and do some of the nifty things I can't do now with CGI and ASP. I'm not an expert on scripting but I'm learning fast and I intend to be semi-fluent in several net languages by the end of the summer. Also, I want to have GH pretty well situated by that time since I'm starting college next fall and I won't have all my extra hours to play around on-line. That'll be a bummer. I am excited by the number of new members we're getting. We seem to be averaging one to two a week. Since my last entry Soryn al'Car, Kal'karlan Mersavin, and Mishar al'Hesh have joined GH. I welcome them to the group. Most everyone has probably heard that Evy Sedai will be leaving us. I am saddened by this news. I am going to keep her on as a member so she can return at any time, but I also wish her the best in her future pursuits. She will always be welcome and I look forward to the day when she may resume her responsibilities as Head of the Read Ajah. Upon Evy's departure, Soryn al'Car will assume the duties of Red Ajah Head. Well, that's it for now. I have a lot more to say but I don't want to make this entry ramble on. Until next time...

February 28, 20001
I usually write my entries at the end of the week but tonight I had some free time. We have two new members: Eliza Turkard (White Ajah) and Muad Cheade (Gaidin to Bunni). Also, in light of our needing to have fully represented ajahs, I have raised Neine Shimla to White Ajah Head and Shannadin al'Kalika to Gray Ajah Head. Good luck to these two in their efforts. The newsletter is going to be getting on its way. Bunni Sedai has agreed to the position of editor and she will be in charge of the set-up. Columnists and reporters are still needed. The Grayman RP is going fairly slowly but when I get a chance and remember, I intend to get it up and going by bringing in the Black Sister for trial. I'm looking forward to that RP. My first Shadowspawn class is going well and everyone is writing very good homework. Still no luck with the Great Hall chat. I've tried several different types and found one I really like, but it won't work on the server we have GH on now. So, I'm still hunting. I've kept the old one and I'll keep playing around to see what I can come up with. Oh, geez. It's 10:30. Time to finish up and get ready for bed. More next week.

February 22, 2001
Whoops! I missed last week's entry. Oh, well. THIS week has been insane. I spent nearly all day Monday online (that was great) and then yesterday and today I barely got an hour (bummer). Things are continuing to get better. My Shadowspawn class is going well and I look forward to getting my HTML class going. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered thus far to teach...but we still need more. The last couple of days I have focused my energies to a fun project: my pic page. I have been sorting through my old photos and pulling out some nice ones to post on the net. Check the page out! Tomorrow I expect to have the animals, family, and season sections complete and working. Also, I intend to come up with some sort of siggie pic page for GH. Lynessa and Allriendrae have been working hard on graphics and perhaps soon we'll have our own set of banners and icons. That'll be great! We got another new member today, a GT called Deman'ala Cora. That makes two GTs so far. He's the first to join in well over a week but I think I have some prospects for new members. I've convinced a couple to read WoT and then they'll see. I wish folks would RP more, though. I must confess that the last couple of weeks I have been pretty bad at that but I have a message all written up ready to go, I just have to send it. I expect to do that tomorrow. Well, I know I should have more to write but I'm having a "brain fart" right now. So, I guess that's it. Until next time....

February 13, 2001
Exciting things are beginning to happen! I have now uploaded the classes and teaching rules pages as well as the class listings for those we have so far. I have even posted sign-ups for my first class on Shadowspawn. In spite of many setbacks and problems I am enthusiastic about the future and what we can do at GH. Many folks have mentioned to me that message board RPing would be easier. I agree. But, for the moment, it is less of a hassle to do it via e-mail. Already, I am formulating plans for branching into our own domain and building the site to a community. I keep myself immersed in learning more forms of web language and creation and I am working on getting a decent chatroom for GH. The one we have is okay for now but I want something better. When we get our own domain I will then be able to implement many of my ideas. I started this site with only very basic HTML knowledge in November and now look where we are...up and growing in every way. GH is my baby so to speak and I have so many dreams of what we can do and where we can go. Who knows...maybe in a couple of years we will be able to claim a place as one of the biggest WoT sites on the web. But, I must remember not to get ahead of myself. There is a lot of work to be done and a long way to go. For now we are a WT RP group and I intend to keep it that way.  We may branch out in the future but the WT will always be our core. Since my last entry we have gotten three new novices: Neine Shimla, Aline and Ciara Mah'jin. We also got our first WT: Cyan Vandrae. Enough for now...more next week.

February 4, 2001
What an insane week. I finally recovered from my bout with the flu and spent the first half of the weekend at a competition for a major college scholarship. Upon my return home, I learned that my family had been expelled from our Church. It's funny: in the United States wrong-doers are expected to be punished, yet within religious organizations wrong-doers are given free liscense. In my circumstance, my father took a stand against the pastor's abuse of our congregation. He spoke out and he ran into a brick wall. Most knew what was going on yet were too weak to stand for right. The Church revoked his membership and when he goes tonight to ask for support in his cause, it is under threat of arrest. I intend to go with him. Someone has to combat evil and I certainly am going to. In a large way, Eniara's attitudes reflect my own. She doesn't tolerate evil any more than I do. It's rather ironic that the do-gooders are the ones who are arrested at the wrong-doers reequest. Well, I suppose I can always imerse myself in GH stuff and escape what's going on for awhile. Then it's back into the melee. Enough venting for now.  With GH, I have the link for the Green Ajah page up and I'm waiting for the other Ajah Heads to get me theirs. We got two new members on Thursday: Raserei Rahl and Shannadin al'Kalika. Several members are actively recruiting and I'm joining webrings so the combined efforts are beginning to pay off. I am grateful for the hard work from everyone and we need to keep it up. Perhaps we'll equal some of the largest RP groups one day. That would be wonderful.

January 26, 2001
This week has been quite unordinary to say the least. Catching a nasty strain of the flu was not on my agenda and it has ticked me off to no end. So, because I've been home sick in bed, I am not up to date on what has been going on with our little group. Maybe next week I'll be able to update this better. =) I have come across two more people who might be interested in joining so that's exciting and the initial RP has gotten underway. We're now at a point where the Ajah pages are being made and we need to start increasing our numbers. I am (or had been 'till Wed.) in the process of joining our group to several web-rings so that should help. All in all, we're off to a good start and we need to keep up the good work.

January 19, 2001
Well, we're almost ready to "rock 'n' roll!" The requirements for the Warder Trainees are in the works and the One Power system is in place. Very soon I plan to have the rest of the pages up and RPing can begin. Right now, I'm aiming to write the opening RP sometime next week. Chat meetings have been a success and once we can find a date, we'll schedule regular meetings. Getting everything in place is keeping me and others busy. This has been a lot of work but well worth the time. I hope every one else gets something out of this group. It would make the effort worthwhile.