The Great Hall


Old GH Classes

Back when the Great Hall was still a roleplay community, part of the requirements for advancement of rank in the White Tower involved "attending" classes.  Some of these classes were restricted to specific groups, but others were electives open to the wider GH community, including a few that were taught out of character as a public service, such as Eniara Sedai's HTML Basics.  These classes were drafted by a variety of members, though most often by those at the senior ranks, and some were taught by multiple members through the years.

The links to the left will take you to copies of the text for each class available.  While we have records of most of the classes taught, the original scripts for some of them are missing.  We've created pages for them in the hopes that eventually we'll be able to fill the gaps.  The text is unedited from the old files and as such may contain typos, spelling mistakes, or even invented information from the book series that since has been shown to violate canon.  That's okay.  We're presenting these as an archive of what was, warts and all.