AotA Frequently Asked Questions

What is Annals of the Ages?
AotA is both a research endeavor and an archive portal.  We aim to solicit and collect as much data as possible about WoT groups, whether they still exist or disappeared twenty years ago.  Through our website and word of mouth we want to spread the call for anyone and everyone involved in the fandom to submit what they can.  This page has a menu link to a submission form where data can be sent in.  Or drop an email to Eniara Sedai or Ayendra Sedai.  As soon as the interface is ready, the database we're building with the tidbits we collect will be available on the site for everyone to search and explore.

Why call it Annals of the Ages?
Well, why not?  In the series, one Age ended and a new Age was ushered in by Tarmon Gai'don and the events of the final book.  This online fandom has existed almost as long as the series, and with the publication of the final books it, in a sense, has likewise entered a new Age.  No longer are we all in the same boat of not knowing how the story ends.  No longer must we speculate on how things will fall out and whether the end will really be the end.  New fans will join the fandom with a completely different perspective on the series, and those of us who've been around for years share an experience and affinity with the other old fans that no one else can understand.  We've spent the years wondering 'what if?'  We've also clung to each other in the aftermath of Robert Jordan's passing.  The greater community has become a bridge between the old Age and the new.  Thus this project is the annals of those Ages.  

How far back do you intend to go?
As far as we possibly can.  WoT was first published in 1990, and easy access to the internet wasn't far behind, so we expect the mid-90s will be the earliest dates for our records.

Where do I send in information?
There is a link on this page to a submission form where you can send in as much or as little information as you have.  However, please only make one submission per group being referenced.  If you know about a whole bunch it may be easier to use the contact form to get in touch with us and we can collect your data via email instead.

Can we see the archive?
Absolutely!  All submissions will be stored and maintained in a database.  The input interface is ready to go so we can launch and collect data, but the search and display output for the website is still in development.  As soon as it's ready a link will be posted in the menu on this page.  

What sort of data are you collecting?
The submission form is a better guide for this, but in a nutshell we want anything that's relevant to identifying what a group was (format, location, services offered), when it existed, who founded it, how large it was, and when it shut down (if it isn't still going).

How can I help?
First, please send us any information you have.  It doesn't matter how small or insignificant it may could even be just a group name you remember or a description of what a group was.  Every little bit helps and may lead to us uncovering a group everyone else has forgotten.  Second, spread the word!  The more people who hear the call, the more goodies we'll discover. By all means, go ask around and collect info to submit to us. Third, if you have some technical know-how and want to be more directly involved in the collection of data or archive maintenance, please drop Eniara Sedai a note through the contact form on this site.

I don't know anything myself but what if I know someone else who might?
Talk to them, please.  If they're okay with hearing from us, either ask them to get in contact with us or else send us their contact details and we'll drop them a note.  If they just want to pass on information through you, that's fine too!