This is GH's original roleplay test for Accepted wanting to earn their Aes Sedai shawl.  In the Wheel of Time books we eventually learn the details of the final testing though Moiraine's viewpoint in New Spring, but as GH's roleplay peak was several years before New Spring's publication, our test was written as pure speculation.  As you will see (if you are familiar with the test in the books), our Accepted got away with peanuts on what the ordeal should have been!

The final test was written by Eniara Sedai and Allriendrae Sedai.  GH policy, and indeed standard roleplay etiquette, requires participants to not write from the viewpoint of another's character.  Accepted called to take this test were required to write an extended roleplay using the guided script, filling in sections appropriate to their character with their character's viewpoint on what they would have experienced.  

Guided Roleplay Script

Eniara Kiserai Kisharad shifted the striped stole on her shoulders and glanced around the room.  It was a medium sized chamber, deep within the White Tower…near to the chamber that housed the ter’angreal for testing Novices to become Accepted.  There were no windows and the only light came from a row of oil lamps on the walls circling the room.  The Amyrlin Seat wasn’t the only one present.  Allriendrae al’Thorin, Keeper of the Chronicles stood near the door.  One top ranked Sister from each Ajah was also there…each Ajah except the gray that was.  When Lynessa Keilani, the Mistress of Novices, arrived with the Accepted being tested tonight, she would fill that empty position.

Eniara had been here many times in her few years as Amyrlin, yet she had only seen one woman fail the test.  Most Accepted who made it this far were more than prepared to become full Sisters.  Those too weak were weeded out years before their trip to this chamber.  The Keeper looked up and caught Eni’s eyes when a rap sounded on the chamber door.  The Amyrlin nodded assent and Allriendrae opened it and ushered in Lynessa and the Accepted.  As they entered, the Gray Sister moved to join the group of Sedai standing by the opposite wall.  The Accepted looked around and took in the scene before her.  Eniara watched as the younger woman’s eyes lighted and rested on the table in the corner.  The Tower’s Oath Rod lay there covered by a cloth embroidered with the Flame of Tar Valon.  Glancing at Allriendrae, the Amyrlin mad a small rod and the door was shut with a resounding thud.  The Accepted swallowed hard.  It was obvious that she was desperately trying to control her nerves.

The Keeper moved in front of the young woman and caught her eyes.  “_____, you have come here today to be tested, and found worthy or unworthy of the Aes Sedai stole.  You may refuse to continue, but in doing so you will be put out of the Tower forever, never to become Aes Sedai.  Do you wish to refuse to be tested?”  The young woman quickly shook her head.  It was not surprising.  No one in her right mind, who made it this far, would ever refuse to at least try.  The Keeper nodded.  “Then it has begun.  Listen to my instructions carefully because they will not be repeated, and not following them will mean immediate failure.  What happens here today is to be locked in your mind and heart, forever.  The test for the shawl is a secret known only to Aes Sedai and the punishment for a loose tongue is stilling and possibly worse.”  The Accepted went slightly pale.  “Is this clear?”  The young woman swallowed and nodded.    The Keeper raised an eyebrow.  “Yes, Aes Sedai.  It is clear.”  The Accepted replied.  Allriendrae continued.  “Good.  Then shortly we will begin.  What you are going to be asked to do is a series of five tasks.  Each will be done with one of the five threads of saidar.  You will do this series of tasks timed.  The series of tasks goes as follows.  On the table near the door you see a candle, a bowl of water, and a small pile of dirt.  A Sister standing next to the table will be holding a barrier weave between you and the table.  Your job will be to first use Air to bind the Sister holding the barrier.  You will then use Spirit to sever the barrier weave.  Then you will use Fire to light the candle, Earth to form a small disk from the dirt, and finally Water to put the candle out.”  A look of relief crept into the Accepted’s face at seeing how simple the tasks were…it was quickly replaced by uncertainty.  The test couldn’t be that easy.  “The rest of the Sedai present will be at the table as well, to judge how well you perform.  Are you ready to begin?”  The young woman took a deep breath and nodded.

From across the room the seven Ajah representatives moved to the table and took up their places around it.  All of them embraced saidar and a barrier sprang up around the table.  Part of the test was picking out which Sedai held the weave.  The keeper turned back to the Accepted.  It was time to begin.  The elder woman looked at the mantle clock resting on the table with the Oath Rod.  “Accepted, you will have twenty seconds to complete the tasks, as instructed.”  A look of panic appeared in the young woman’s eyes.  Twenty seconds was entirely feasible, but when nervous it seemed like a split second.  Her reaction was expected…this was the panic test.  “When I say…go!”


Calmly looking from the Keeper to the Accepted to the clock, the Amyrlin watched the seconds tick by.  When the twenty seconds were up, the Keeper called time.  The Accepted still held saidar and the candle yet gave off a faint trace of smoke, but she had passed the first round.  She just didn’t know it.  The young woman’s present nerves would be played upon to create the fear for the next part.  Allriendrae glanced at Eniara and the latter made an almost unnoticeable nod.  Time for round two.

The Keeper focused on the tendril of smoke still drifting from the candle.  “Your candle is not completely out, Accepted.”  The young woman swallowed hard.  Allriendrae looked at the group of Aes Sedai.  “Sisters, what do you say?  Did she make the time limit or not?  I don’t think she did.”  One Sister spoke up with, “nor do I, Keeper.”  Another Sister replied with a different opinion.  “She had the candle out, Keeper.  There was no flame.  I say made it on time.”  One by one the Sisters voiced their thoughts.  It came out as a tie.  Counting Allriendrae, four said yes and four said no.  This was planned.  The Amyrlin would make the decision.  Eniara cleared her throat.

 “Have the Accepted do the test a second time.  Give her twenty-five seconds because she is somewhat fatigued, but if she makes any mistakes, even one, she does not pass.”  Allriendrae nodded acquiescence and glanced back at the clock.  The Accepted looked very pale.  “Accepted, you will have twenty-five seconds but no mistakes allowed…go!”


This time around the Accepted did just fine.  However, next was the third part of the test…channeling with anger.  Eniara turned toward the younger woman and studied her.  The Keeper raised an eyebrow.  “Mother?  Is there something amiss?”  The Amyrlin tapped her lips with a finger.  “Yes.  The child will have to be failed.  She has not been following the written instructions of this test.”  Eniara did not speak untruthfully.  It was written in the Tower’s original rules for this ceremony, that the Accepted was to be tested clad only in the Light.  The Tower had long since abandoned that stipulation, yet it worked well as a truthful point for this portion of the test.  “The child is yet dressed, Allriendrae.  Tower rule states that Accepted must perform the final test clad only in the Light.  Since she is still clothed, she will have to be failed.”  The Accepted’s eyes went wide with shock and she began to voice an objection.  “Silence, child!”  The Amyrlin interrupted.  “You did not follow the rules so therefore you fail.  There is no denying it.”  The young woman hung her head and then looked up again, her eyes full of controlled anger.  “Mother?  May I speak, please?”  Eniara pursed her lips.  “Alright, but make it quick.  We have other business to see to tonight.” 

“Mother, you did not tell me to undress.  Please, I did not know!”  The Accepted’s voice was full of pleading.  Eniara eyed her then turned to Allriendrae.  “Keeper, give me a number.”  Allriendrae thought a moment and then replied, “twelve.”  The Amyrlin focused back on the Accepted.  This whole scene had been planned beforehand…including the number.  “Alright, _____.  Do this series of tasks flawlessly, twelve more times and we’ll forget you broke the clothing rule.”  The Accepted tried to hide how upset she was.  Like every woman being tested before her, she was angry right then.  Angry about being nearly failed on a technicality not her fault, about being given a ridiculous number of times to repeat tasks she’d proven she could do, and angry about being treated so flippantly at the one of the biggest events of her life.  Eniara nodded to herself.  The Accepted was angry and didn’t realize what was really happening.  She was being tested on her control of saidar while angry, and once she got near the end of the repeats, while fatigued.  Doing even simple sequences of weaves fourteen times took a fair amount of stamina.  Allriendrae looked at the young woman and said, “begin.”


The Amyrlin watched the minutes tick away as the Accepted repeated the tasks.  The young woman’s anger had faded and was now replaced by focused concentration.  She was getting tired and it showed.  When she had extinguished the candle for the final time, Eniara looked at the seven Sedai around the table.  Each one gave her an affirmative nod and the Amyrlin nodded back.  When the Mistress of Novices patted the Accepted on the back as the Sisters headed toward the Oath Rod end of the room, the young woman looked up and a light of fresh hope appeared in her eyes.   It dawned on her that she’d passed.  Allriendrae walked over to the Oath Rod table and threw back the draped cloth.  Picking up the rod, she handed it to the Amyrlin.  Eniara called the Accepted over to her.  “Child, come here and kneel.”  The young woman did so and the older woman placed the Oath Rod in her hands.  “Channel a small thread of spirit into these symbols here,” Eniara instructed and pointed,” and repeat the Three Oaths after me.”  _____ embraced saidar and took a deep breath, obviously excited and yet relieved to still be there.

The Amyrlin began the oaths, saying each and then pausing for the young woman to repeat.  “I swear to speak no word that is not true.  I swear to make no weapon with which one man may kill another.  I swear never to use the One Power as a weapon except against Shadowspawn, or in the last extreme defense of my own life, that of my Warder, or a fellow Aes Sedai.”  The Accepted was obviously shocked by the feel of each oath binding into her.


When the oaths were finished, the Amyrlin took the Oath Rod back and handed it to the Keeper.  She then took the new Sister by the shoulders and drew the young woman to her feet.  Smiling, Eniara kissed the woman on each cheek. “You are raised to Aes Sedai of the White Tower.  You are sealed to your Sisters and the Amyrlin Seat.  Welcome, daughter.  Have you chosen an Ajah yet?”  Accepted were supposed to have pretty much decided on an Ajah before they came for their final test.  ­­­­______ nodded back at the Amyrlin and Eniara continued.  “Then these seven Sisters are here as official representatives of their Ajahs.  They have the power to accept or reject your application on the Ajah’s behalf.  Go and talk with them and when you have chosen and been accepted in an Ajah, you will receive your shawl.


It did not take long before the woman stood again before the Amyrlin Seat with the representative from her chosen Ajah.  The other Sister handed the Amyrlin a shawl embroidered and fringed in _____.  Eniara took it and draped the shawl over ______’s shoulders.  “You are now ________, Sister of the _____ Ajah.  Go now and be a true example of the White Tower to the world.”  The young woman beamed and curtsied, kissing Eniara’s great serpent ring.  “Thank you, Mother.  May I have your leave to go?”  The Amyrlin nodded her assent and the new ______ Sister exited the chamber.  Eniara turned to Allriendrae and smiled.  “One more raised…now, who’s next?”



#1 – RP doing the tasks correctly, while in a panicked mindframe.
#2 – RP doing the tasks a second time while scared you will fail.
#3 – RP the rest of the tasks while first angry, then fatigued.  It is not necessary to write about each of the 12 times.
#4 – RP taking the oaths.
#5 – RP talking to your chosen Ajah rep.
#6 – RP accepting your shawl and leaving the testing chamber.