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December 21, 2015

Welcome all!  Today is Great Hall's 15th birthday, and to celebrate we've launched not only a brand new site design, but (at long last) the Annals of the Ages project!

Old friends will notice the roleplay community and forums are gone.  After so long in limbo it's time for a new direction, so we're embracing the future as a resource and archive site.

Please, have a look around and we'd love to hear from you, particularly in regards to our AotA research efforts.

Eniara Kisharad  ...

Serving the Wheel of Time community, 15 years and counting... 


April 05, 2017
Hello, Tor.com. Welcome back to the Wheel of Time Reread Redux. This would normally be Part 4 of our coverage of The Fires of Heaven, but some changes have gone down in the past couple of weeks which has led this post to be, well, not that. Please click on to find out what I […]
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